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"There's someone else we know Bolkonski, do you see, Mamma?" said Natasha, pointing out Prince Andrew. "You remember, he stayed a night with us at Otradnoe." "Oh, you know him?" said Peronskaya. "I can't bear him. Il fait a present la pluie et le beau temps. * He's too proud for anything. Takes after his father. And he's hand in glove with Speranski, writing some project or other.

These rare qualities and your honourable character will link me to you eternally." In 1822, when O'Meara was slandering Lowe's character, the Czar Alexander met his step-daughter, the Countess Balmain, at Verona, and in reference to Sir Hudson's painful duties at St. Helena, said of him: "Je l'estime beaucoup. Je l'ai connu dans les temps critiques."

La guerre avec la Chine nous alarme, parce qu'il n'y a pas de guerre plus difficile a terminer que celle-la. La politique coloniale est un luxe que nous aurions pu nous donner dans un autre temps, mais que ne nous convient pas dans notre situation europeenne. Elle a de plus ete conduite d'une facon irreguliere, l'action au Tonkin succedant a l'inaction en Egypte.

These views he exploited through his paper, The Temps, with a boldness and vigor, gaining thereby great notoriety. Though a democrat in politics, he was most bitterly opposed to the practice, almost universal in the South, of cheating the negro out of his right to vote. He preached that it was unjust to the negro and fatal to the morals of the whites.

Hundreds of fiacres drive madly through the streets conveying women, flashing with jewels and as beautiful as dreams, from opera and concert, and the little bijou supper rooms of the Cafe Tout le Temps are filled with laughing groups, while bon mots, persiflage and repartee fly upon the air the jewels of thought and conversation. Luxury and poverty brush each other in the streets.

At the foot was a notable N.B.: 'Le temps libre est employe a l'examen de conscience, a la confession, a faire de bonnes resolutions, etc. To make good resolutions, indeed! You might talk as fruitfully of making the hair grow on your head. I had scarce explored my niche when Brother Ambrose returned. An English boarder, it appeared, would like to speak with me.

The utter abstraction I was in, led to some awkward contre temps; and as my wife's enthusiasm for her purchases increased, so did my reverie gain ground. "'Is it not beautiful, Jack? how delicately worked it must have taken a long time to do it. "'Seven years, I muttered, as my thoughts ran upon a very different topic.

From him dates the sympathy of all the true-hearted amongst us for this land of liberty, whose true vocation he so worthily represented among the oppressed. He led the genius of Britain on a pilgrimage throughout all Europe. 'En même temps que les institutions et les coutumes, la littérature anglaise passa le détroit, et vint regner chez nous.

On July 23rd the Austro-Hungarian Government presented an ultimatum to Servia, demanding unconditional acceptance within 48 hours, an ultimatum which the Temps next day described as 'unprecedented in its arrogance and in the extravagance of its demands'. Of it Sir Edward Grey said: 'I had never before seen one State address to another independent State a document of so formidable a character.

By treason I refer to any little annoying habits of independent thought or action which en temps de guerre are put in a hole and covered over, with the somewhat naive idea that from their cadavers violets will grow, whereof the perfume will delight all good men and true and make such worthy citizens forget their sorrows.