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"Those were Frenchman words," said Moise. "Parle Pas means 'no speak. He's a quiet rapeed. S'pose you'll ron on the river there, an' smoke a pipe, an' talk, an' not think of nothing. All at once, Boum! You'll been in those rapeed, an' he'll not said a word to you!" "Well," said Rob, "the traders used to run them somehow, didn't they?"

The modest epigraph 'Le rime n'est pas riche' may be attributed, with a good show of likelihood, to the same collaborator. It is strikingly appropriate, and I have found the volume very dreary. Those pieces in which I seem to trace the hand of the Princess are particularly dull and conscientious.

An instance of this is seen in the famous phrase in Guillaume Tell: Ces jours qu'ils ont osé proscrire, Je ne les ai pas défendus. Mon père, tu m'as maudire!

They didn't go about trying to hunt up the impossible. 'On ne cherche pas midi a quatorze heures'. You hold, as I do, to the old fashions, though you are not nearly so old, my dear Elise, and Jacqueline's mother thought as we think. She would say that her daughter is being very badly brought up. To be sure, all young creatures nowadays are the same.

Yet the majority of their salaries ranged from £90 a year to £210, and they were obliged to pas an examination of no mean stamp to attain a post. Small wonder that many of them, having to help support others as well as keep themselves, had the delicate, listless, anaemic appearance of underfed women badly in need of fresh air, good food, and wholesome exercise.

He and our adventurer had been fellow-lodgers for some time, and, according to the laudable custom in these days, had hitherto remained as much estranged to one another, as if they had lived on opposite sides of the globe; but of late the Persian seemed to regard our hero with particular attention; when they chanced to meet on the staircase, or elsewhere, he bowed to Ferdinand with great solemnity, and complimented him with the pas.

'Monseigneur, said Balmile, 'je n'ai pas la pretention de m'affubler d'un titre que la mauvaise fortune de mon roi ne me permet pas de porter comma il sied. A few more ceremonies, and these three, sitting down together to the table, called for wine. It was the happiness of Marie- Madeleine to wait unobserved upon the prince of her desires.

The enemy were even polite, one woman told us "Pas peur!" said the officer who visited her house, taking off his hat. On the gate of another house was scrawled in German script, "Sick Woman keep away!" and as we passed the open windows, sure enough there was the pale young mother lying propped up in bed just as she had been when the Germans came.

Mind this when you are at Oxbridge pursuing your studies, and for Heaven's sake be very particular in the acquaintances which you make. The premier pas in life is the most important of all did you write to your mother to-day? No? well, do, before you go, and call and ask Mr. Foker for a frank They like it Good night. God bless you."

Surprised and enraged, the Frenchman turned to demolish the man who had dared to insult the "boss bully on de reever Hottawa." "Vous n'avez pas remarque la demoiselle," said the lieutenant, in a tone of politeness. The lumberman, who had swaggered up ready to strike, glanced at Maimie, took off his hat, and made a ceremonious bow. "Eh bien! Non! Pardon, Mams'elle."