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She ardently appealed to their love for the dynasty of their fathers, and, in her enthusiasm for royalism, went so far as to offer herself as a reward to him who should first cry "Vive le roi!" But the faithful soldiers of the emperor stood unmoved by this generous offer, and the silence remained unbroken by the lowest cry!

But it's too late, too late for my young Seigneur!" he added in mockery, and again he began to hum in a sort of amiable derision: "My little tender heart, O gai, vive le roi! My little tender heart, O gai, vive le roi! 'Tis for a grand baron, Vive le roi, la reine! 'Tis for a grand baron, Vive Napoleon!"

"France!" cried Heyward, advancing from the shadow of the trees to the shore of the pond, within a few yards of the sentinel. "D'ou venez-vous ou allez-vous, d'aussi bonne heure?" demanded the grenadier, in the language and with the accent of a man from old France. "Je viens de la decouverte, et je vais me coucher." "Etes-vous officier du roi?"

In Shelley's poetry, while Man endures, all those will survive; for your 'voice is as the voice of winds and tides, and perhaps more deathless than all of these, and only perishable with the perishing of the human spirit. XVIII. To Monsieur de Moliere, Valet de Chambre du Roi. Monsieur, With what awe does a writer venture into the presence of the great Moliere!

After listening to my projects and to my offers of dollars, liquor, and cloth, Roi Denis replied, with due gravity, that his chasseurs were all in the plantations, but that for a somewhat increased consideration he would attach to my service his own son Ogodembe, alias Paul.

"Judge and gentlemen of the jury," Villefort solemnly began, "you have heard the contrite words of the man who is unfortunately my son. Do not believe him he lies!" "Monsieur de Villefort," exclaimed the judge, warningly. "Oh, let me finish," continued the ex-procureur du roi; "I am supposed to be insane, yet I see things clearer than a great many whose reason is unclouded!

As was natural, their enmity only advertised the periodical and increased its circulation. Still, his enemies managed in more ways than one to make him feel their power. Ever since 1838, M. Buloz, under the title of "commissaire du roi," had been manager of the Théâtre Français, but after the revolution of 1848 he was abruptly dismissed.

"We gave ourselves up to the contemplation of the views which the immense stretch of country beneath us presented. From that time, though we had no opportunity of conversing with the inhabitants, we saw them running after us from all parts; we heard their cries, their exclamations of solicitude, and knew their alarm and admiration. "We cried, 'Vive le Roi! and the people responded.

Of all the institutions subsisting here before the revolution, that which has experienced the greatest enlargement is the This establishment, formerly called Le Jardin du Roi, and now more commonly known by the name of Le Jardin des Plantes, received its present denomination by a decree of the National Convention, dated the 10th of June 1793.

"They would cry out, as the Frenchmen do, 'Le roi est mort, vive le roi! I am not self-deceived as to the ephemeral nature of military popularity. It is always directed toward an object present and tangible, and speedily consoles itself for the loss of one idol by replacing it with another. But now, listen to me. A courier has just arrived from Vienna.