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The unconsciousness of the humor was only equaled by the gravity with which it was received by the whole business community. Strangely enough, this grave materialism flourished side by side with and was even sustained by a narrow religious strictness more characteristic of the Pilgrim Fathers of a past century than the Western pioneers of the present.

He spoke to McCall: "Did we hear Flynn say that he told his comrades when he came here that he would have to leave on an important errand today?" McCall and Jimmy nodded. Professor Brierly's gravity became more profound. He sprang to his feet. He said emphatically: "Call New York at once, Mr. McCall. Do not waste a minute. Tell them to take extreme precautions in watching Flynn.

The shouting and yelling which had gained the camp its infelicitous title were not permitted within hearing distance of Stumpy's. The men conversed in whispers, or smoked with Indian gravity. Profanity was tacitly given up in these sacred precincts, and throughout the camp a popular form of expletive, known as "Curse the luck!" was abandoned, as having a new personal bearing.

They invariably sealed their letters with their thumbs." In later life he adopted the excellent and characteristic motto Faber meæ fortunæ; and, to some impertinent questions about his grandfather, he replied with becoming gravity "He disappeared about the time of the assizes, and we asked no questions."

The late Mareschal de Montluc having lost his son, who died in the island of Madeira, in truth a very worthy gentleman and of great expectation, did to me, amongst his other regrets, very much insist upon what a sorrow and heart-breaking it was that he had never made himself familiar with him; and by that humour of paternal gravity and grimace to have lost the opportunity of having an insight into and of well knowing, his son, as also of letting him know the extreme affection he had for him, and the worthy opinion he had of his virtue.

However, I say no more of that at present. I have called you together to read to you a letter I have just received from the newly-elected Member for Shellport, Mr Cheeseman." As the doctor pronounced this unpopular name, one hardy junior, quite mistaking the gravity of the occasion, began a low hiss.

The strikers were aroused from their sleep and within a few minutes the river front was covered with a crowd of coatless and hatless men armed with guns and rifles and grimly determined to prevent the landing of the Pinkertons. The latter, however, did not seem to appreciate the gravity of the situation.

He was described as a greasy bilious man, with a peculiarly conventicle aspect that is, one that affects a union of gravity and love. "Well, sir," said the painter, "that will do I think I have been very fortunate in your likeness." The man looks at it, and says nothing, puts on an expression of disappointment. "What! don't you think it like, sir?" says the artist.

My servants have been sadly common-place, and done just as they ought. But still, ONCE, ladies once, a curious little incident did occur to me." "Oh, ma'am, I entreat you pray let us hear it!" burst from all the ladies at once. No. 4 had to bite her lip to preserve her gravity, and then she turned to No. 5 "The fan, if you please, ma'am!"

It was the only home I had ever known; but except in my earliest childhood, and in my holidays as a schoolboy, I had in reality known but little of it. My mother had died at my birth, or shortly after, and I had grown up in the gravity and silence of a house without women.