A treasure therefore was he indeed! an institute of all that was necessary to be known of noses, and every thing else at matin, noon, and vespers was Hafen Slawkenbergius his recreation and delight: 'twas for ever in his hands you would have sworn, Sir, it had been a canon's prayer-book so worn, so glazed, so contrited and attrited was it with fingers and with thumbs in all its parts, from one end even unto the other.

Yellowplush saw the gentlefolks away, and then, parting his legs, and putting his thumbs into his waistcoat pockets, delivered himself thus: "Well, old girl, am I to give you my harm round to the kitchen, or do you know the way by yourself?" "Young chap," said Mrs.

Michael is hanging about the palace, twirling his thumbs, waiting for an appointment, while other weaker men, and Heaven forgive me for saying it not above a bribe, perhaps, are sent out to rule over this province."

Of these children Salvator, the eldest boy, had six fingers and six toes, like his father; the second and third, also boys, had five fingers and five toes, like their mother, though the hands and feet of George were slightly deformed. The last, a girl, had five fingers and five toes, but the thumbs were slightly deformed.

"Neck short, thick, and hairy; chest and shoulders very broad, said to be fully double the size of the Enche-ekos; arms very long, reaching some way below the knee the fore-arm much the shortest; hands very large, the thumbs much larger than the fingers....

"I see it, ma'am," replied the undaunted Mrs. Whitelock, screwing up her mouth and twirling her thumbs in a peculiarly emphatic way, to which she was addicted in moments of crisis. Mrs.

You just sit still and suck your thumbs until the officers come," he added, dryly. "The officers!" shrieked Josiah Crabtree, and was so overcome that he sank down on one of the steps of the stairs. "See here, Dick Rover," said Jesse Pelter, after a pause. "Let us see if we can't er patch this up somehow." "You can do your patching-up after you are in jail, Mr. Pelter."

"Well, when the whole flock is gathered in the goose pastur, the drawin'-room, other little flocks come troopin' in, and stand, or walk, or down on chairs; and them that know each other talk, and them that don't twirl their thumbs over their fingers; and when they are tired of that, twirl their fingers over their thumbs.

Had I seen him then, I would have put out his eyes with my thumbs. Nay I would have used the burning liquid upon him as he had designed it should be used by my brother. Camel-men. Halting-enclosure, rest-house. Order. "Hearing Mir Jan's voice, I hurried forth, and found that his white pacing-camel was already saddled and that he sat in the front seat, prepared to drive.

Then they beard a sighing sound, as of a foot drawn from mud, and they knew that the Iroquois were approaching, savages in war, whatever they might be otherwise, and expecting an easy prey. Five brown thumbs cocked their rifles, and five brown forefingers rested upon the triggers. The eyes of woodsmen who seldom missed looked down the sights. The sound of feet in the mud came many times.