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Her tears convinced me that I had wounded her feelings terribly, and I got up and went out to order some champagne. When I came back I found that she had been weeping bitterly. I did not know what to do; I begged her again and again to forgive me, and to be gay once more, unless she wished to subject me to the severest of all punishments.

"Perhaps you are a little morbid, Mrs. Chance forgive me for saying it. For after all what does it matter what people say or think about any of us?

He glanced for a moment at the gentle, familiar face beside him. "She will forgive me," he said, reassuring himself, in spite of an inward qualm of misgiving. "I am glad I arranged to stay on. I will speak to her this afternoon. She has become much softened, and we will bury the past and make a fresh start together."

"Then my work is over," said she in a calm collected voice. "Amen. So lettest Thou Thy servant depart in peace. Good-bye, Mr. Thurnall. I must go and pack up my few things now. You will forgive and forget?" "Grace!" cried Tom; "stay!" and he girdled her in a grasp of iron. "You and I never part more in this life, perhaps not in all lives to come!" "Me? I? let me go! I am not worthy of you!"

But the arts which cost you much labour a long subservience to one testy individual; aping the semblance of a virtue, a quality, or a branch of learning which you do not possess, to a person difficult to blind, all these never begin except for great ends, worth not only the loss of time, but the chance of detection. Great pains for small gains is the maxim of the miser. Always forgive.

"Say that I forgive your mother, Ovid and that I only ask one thing in return. I ask her to leave me to you, when the end has come. My dear, there is a feeling in me that I can't get over. Don't let me be buried in a great place all crowded with the dead! I once saw a picture it was at home in Italy, I think an English picture of a quiet little churchyard in the country.

God alone can tell what so suddenly darkened my brain. It came upon me like a flash of lightning, and set me all on fire. I knew not what I did or said. I do not even ask you to forgive me, Laurella, only to come into the boat again, and not to risk your life!" She swam on as though she had not heard him. "You can never swim to land. I tell you, it is two miles off. Think of your mother!

I know that I have said too much about myself; but you alone care to know anything about me; and that beguiles one out out of one's wits. If I speak bad English, you will forgive me. I have passed so many years on the Continent, and am picking up the language of my childhood very slowly. You will pardon me, when I am misled by by my own signification." "Well done!" cried the innocent Dolly.

"I will forgive their sins, iniquities, and transgressions," says he, "and it shall turn to me for a name of joy, and a praise and an honour, before all the nations of the earth;" Jer. xxxiii. 8, 9. And hence it is, that at his first appearing he took upon him to do such mighty works: he got a fame thereby, he got a name thereby; Matt. iv. 23, 24.

"Oh, dear, now she's offended, and I don't know what to do," thought Rose, much discouraged by this reception of her offer. "Please, forgive me; I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, and hope you won't think " she faltered presently, feeling that she must undo the mischief, if possible.