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Society knew as much as this, and seemed rather inclined to boast of it, at least on the stump; but the leaders of industry betrayed no sentiment, popular or other. They used, without qualm, whatever instruments they found at hand. They had been obliged, in 1861, to turn aside and waste immense energy in settling what had been settled a thousand years before, and should never have been revived.

"You kin stop in house if you choose," remarked the Interpreter, with a quiet grin, "but you heads be splitted if you do." "Then I think I'll go," said Hockins, quietly. "Me too," remarked the negro. Accordingly they all went with a slight qualm, however, for they felt slightly doubtful whether, under existing circumstances, they might not after all be going to execution.

So far from flying from Morocco when things conspired together to beat him down, Israel looked about with an equal mind for the means of settling there. His opportunity came early. The Governor, either by qualm of conscience or further freak of selfishness, got him the place of head of the Oomana, the three Administrators of Customs at Tangier.

Now, as he watched the pretty sleek head bent over the book he had supposed of course was a novel, he felt a qualm of real apprehension. Maybe they have a special gift for it!

The Boy spoke with the old-timer's superiority, of his own experience, and was so puffed up, at the bare thought of having hardened his feet, that he concealed without a qualm the fact of a brand-new blister on his heel. A mere nothing that, not worth mentioning to anyone who remembered the state he was in at the end of that awful journey of penitence.

I glanced back at him and met his eyes, intensely watching me from under his dripping hat brim, as I trudged on the edge of the trudging rabble. A hot qualm surged through me.

Not one qualm did I feel as I looked down over Eagle's leather-clad shoulder at the various instruments fixed on to what in an aeroplane corresponds, I suppose, to the dashboard of an earth-bound automobile: the revolution gauge, which Eagle had explained to us; the watch; the map to roll up on a frame, like a blind; the compass, the height indicator.

She took the gourd in one hand, and rather than cause the giver pain raised it to her lips, though for the life of her she could scarce restrain the qualm of nausea that surged through her as the malodorous thing approached her nostrils. It was Anderssen who came to her rescue, and taking the gourd from her, drank a portion himself, and then returned it to the native with a gift of blue beads.

Come, now, where didst thou drink last night? has the bottle bequeathed thee a qualm or a headache, which preaches repentance and abstinence this morning?" "No, but I visit my mistress this morning; would you have me smell of strong potations, and seem a worshipper of the 'Glass of Fashion, rather than of 'the Mould of Form'? Confess, Mr.

Was it consciousness of this being the second time during the evening that she had employed the too common vaunt of the woman of that particular world? 'Well, to return to our mutton, he said; and, as his companion seemed suddenly to be overtaken by some unaccountable qualm, 'What a desert life would be, he added encouragingly, 'if we couldn't talk to the discreet about the indiscreet.

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