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"Pardon the rudeness of my dog, madam," I said, looking up; "I never saw him act in this way before. It is quite unaccountable " "Not quite so unaccountable as you think," interrupted Slidder, who stood looking calmly on, with his hands in his pockets and a grin on his face. "It's your own dog, miss."

No, those cigarettes are not responsible. That peculiarity which you have recently begun to notice is due to quite another cause. Surely you must have always known that she was different from other girls. Have you never thought her excitable, even unaccountable in some of her actions? Has she never told you of strange fancies, strange dreams?

"Well, I am going to put a question to you." "With all my heart, dear mamma." "I invite you to explain to me the most singular, the most unaccountable thing that ever fell under my notice. Will you do this for your mother?" "O mamma! of course I will do anything to please you that I can; but, indeed, I don't know what you mean." "I am going to tell you." The old lady paused.

The chief point now was to keep watch over him as long as there was any danger of that intelligible raving, that unaccountable impulse to tell, which seemed to have acted towards Caleb Garth; and Bulstrode felt much anxiety lest some such impulse should come over him at the sight of Lydgate.

Instead of seeking her room she wandered off to a wing of the castle, in which the picture gallery stretched its silent range of dead shadows, and tried to throw off the unaccountable excitement that possessed her, by walking up and down the long gallery.

The appearance of the forest was fearfully sublime; the tall bare trunks of the gigantic gum-trees, with their surfaces of immaculately smooth bark of a pale bluish hue, appearing as if they had by some unaccountable agency been stripped of their natural skin, contrasted strangely with the surrounding gloom.

Crystal stood up, trembling with an emotion which Eddie, although he was rather angry himself, considered utterly unaccountable. "Yes," she said, almost proudly, "I am luxurious, I am dependent on those things. But whose fault is that? It's the way I was brought up it's all wrong. But, even though I am dependent on them, I believe I could exist without them.

In the judgment of the majority the conduct of Georgia justified this severe course. Her Legislature, after complying with every condition of reconstruction, took an extraordinary and unaccountable step. That body decided that colored men were not entitled to serve as legislators or to hold any office in Georgia.

Without ever hinting that he knew of the offensive circumstance, having some business to transact with the duke, he contrived, as if undesignedly, to turn the conversation upon his friend Lord Oldborough's strange and unaccountable negligence of common forms and etiquette; as a proof of which he told the duke in confidence, and in a very low voice, an anecdote, which he heard from his son Cunningham, from Lord Oldborough's own secretary, or the commissioner protested that he would not, he could not have believed it his lordship had been once actually upon the point of sealing a note with a wafer to one of the royal dukes! had the wafer absolutely on his lips, when Cunningham felt it his duty to take the liberty of remonstrating.

But all this is a secret, good reader, and should not have been told. So far, then, had the united opinions of the family determined regarding their guest. But what should have brought him the way of West Mains, such an out-of-the-way place, seeing that he had neither gun, dog, nor fishing-rod, and could not therefore have been in pursuit of sport? It was odd, unaccountable.