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Bentley, whoever he might be, was no longer a stranger; and it seemed wholly natural to be walking with him up the street, to hear him saying, not with perfunctory politeness but in a tone that was itself an invitation, "With pleasure, sir, we'll go together. And let us trust that the doctor will be at home." Nor did Hodder stop to wonder, then, why Mr.

Huddle and his servant walking in Marylebone Fields in the evening, espied something lying in one of the ponds in the fields, which after they had examined it they found to be the legs, thighs, and arms of a man.

Rely on me, tomorrow, eleven o'clock. And, as a precautionary measure, I signed the telegram merely with my Christian name. As I afterwards learnt, M. Zola had spent that day companionless, walking about the Mall and St.

Denner went to bed much cheered; but he dreamed of walking about Miss Ruth's studio, and admiring her pictures, when, to his dismay, he found Mary had followed him, and was saying she couldn't bear things all of a clutter. The next morning he ate his breakfast in solemn haste; it was to be an important day for him.

I have a pal who married Daisy Trimble of the Gaiety, and when I meet her now I feel like walking out of her presence backwards. But there the thing was, and you couldn't get away from it. Gussie had vaudeville blood in him, and it looked as if he were reverting to type, or whatever they call it.

"When I caught you, my poor boy," said his mamma; "and very cruel it was, I allow, but I thought you might have gone out again." "I had no other thick shoes upstairs; but really, mamma, no one thinks of minding those things." "You should have seen him, Henrietta," said his mother; "his shoes looked as if he had been walking through a river." "Well, but so were all the others," said Fred.

I returned home, closed my door and retired. There danced before my eyes a little white house; I saw myself walking through the village and knocking at the garden gate. "Oh, my poor heart!" I cried. "God be praised, you are still young, you are still capable of life and of love!" One evening I was with Madame Pierson.

We'll have to go into the jungle on either side of the river." "Bless my walking stick!" cried Mr. Damon. "Have we really to go into the jungle, Tom?" "I'm afraid we have, if we want to get any giants, and get a trace of Mr. Poddington." "All right, I'm game, but I do hope we won't run into a band of fighting natives."

The well-spoken young man, keeping well up with you, resumes: 'I am aware sir that it is a liberty to intrude a further question on a gentleman walking for his entertainment but might I make so bold as ask the favour of the way to Dover sir and about the distance? You inform the well-spoken young man that the way to Dover is straight on, and the distance some eighteen miles.

The two idle apprentices found themselves, within a few hours of their escape, walking down into the North of England, that is to say, Thomas was lying in a meadow, looking at the railway trains as they passed over a distant viaduct which was HIS idea of walking down into the North; while Francis was walking a mile due South against time which was HIS idea of walking down into the North.

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