The people joyfully cheered the appearance of the Tin Woodman, the Scarecrow and Dorothy, who were all three general favorites, and on entering the royal palace word came to them from Ozma that she would at once grant them an audience.

Gradually the programme led up to the feature of the evening the rendition of a great work under the direction of a famous leader, a special guest of the music-loving Duke. Chase arose and cheered with the assemblage when the distinguished director made his appearance. Then he proceeded to forget the man and his genius in fact everything save the rapt listener above him.

"I took a liking to your face and your manner my son, from the first minute my eyes fell on you; and it would have been a slight thing for ye to have come up and cheered the old woman's well-nigh withered heart," she observed, in a more testy tone than she was accustomed to use. "Well, mother, don't blame me," answered Tom.

I ran up to her and made all sorts of sisterly offers through the door. It was locked, and she kept it locked. Plenty of obstructive material to work on here! I felt greatly cheered and stimulated by her locking the door. When her cup of tea went up to her the next morning, I followed it in. I sat by her bedside and said a few earnest words. She listened with languid civility.

'Liza is tired. Give her a good feed, and I'll bed her down. How's mother?" "Sprier than she was," replied the girl, bending over the shaft to unbuckle the horse; "seems as if she'd kinder cheered up for Christmas." And she led 'Liza to the stable while her father backed the wagon into the shed. It was warm and very comfortable in the little kitchen, where he joined the family after "washing up."

Hodge, the farmer's boy, took off his hat, and Polly, the milkmaid, bobbed a curtsey, as the chaise whirled over the pleasant village-green, and the white-headed children lifted their chubby faces and cheered. The church-spires glistened with gold, the cottage-gables glared in sunshine, the great elms murmured in summer, or cast purple shadows over the grass.

It had cheered his heart as he trudged sadly by, and it now returned vividly to his mind. To this gentleman he determined to apply for relief, if he could reach his house. Terrible was his struggle with the wind and the deep drifts. Often he was ready to faint with fatigue, sickness, and hunger, and he would be obliged to sit down upon a bank of snow to rest.

But it hath been very trying to those deeply concerned, so I would suggest that we give three cheers for Captain Williams, who hath shown us how gallantly a brave man may face death, and then leave him with his friends." At that the tumultuous concourse stretched their throats and cheered with all their might.

But he soon cheered up, and in a much livelier way he said, "Well now, my hearties, since this is to be the last of it, suppose we close the story in the 'Crow's Nest, where we first began it; for you see, if the Dean and I were rescued from the desolate island and the savages, we were not home yet. Now, what do you say to that, my dears?" "The Crow's Nest!

She ran down the greased blocks and sped on quivering to the sea, and as her dragon-prow dipped in the water people cheered aloud. Now Eric must bid farewell to all, and this he did with a brave heart till at the last he came to Saevuna, his mother, and Gudruda, his dear love.