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Divided as the Navy was then into factions, with their hands at each other's throats or at the throat of the Admiralty, the latter thought it more discreet to suppress this paragraph, allowing to appear only the negative stigma of the encomium upon the French officers, unaccompanied by any upon his own.

He has always been liable to malaria and all that sort of thing, and has not strength for an illness. I told him to mind the ordinary practice for me; and what do I find him doing the next thing, but operating upon one of the worst throats he could find! I told him he was as bad as young Ward; I hate his irregular practice.

"Yer honour, it's bad news I bring!" he exclaimed, panting for breath, though he did not forget to touch his hat to his commander; "the spalpeens of Arabs have been and taken Mr Desmond, and our 'terpreter Hamed, and they'll be after cutting their throats if we don't look sharp and carry them help.

The most numerous, but fortunately the mildest group, of these are the germs of various sorts which give rise to colds, coughs, and sore throats. Then there are two other exceedingly deadly germs, which kill more people than any other disease known to humanity the bacillus of consumption, and the coccus of pneumonia.

"If he had not got rid of her, there would have been more throats than one cut about the lass, that's all I know," said another; "and so there would have been about this one before now, if the captain wasn't a born angel out of heaven, and the lieutenant no less." "Well, I suppose we may get a whet by now. I wonder if these Dons have any beer aboard."

For the last fortnight the fact of not knowing anything had been killing us. On January 1, 1871, we lifted our glasses to the health of the absent ones, to the repose of the dead, and the toast choked us with such a lump in our throats. Every night we used to hear the dismal cry of "Ambulance! Ambulance!" underneath the windows of the Odeon.

But a leetle sore throat. You know about throats, hein?" "My specialty," he said smiling back at her with hard eyes. "Bien, I 'ave a leetle sore throat fatigue plutot 'e come and 'e go. I smoke too much. But I 'ave to smoke. It's no good what you say." "I'm sure of that," he said. He made her sit down in the white iron chair behind the screen and, adjusting his speculum, switched on the light.

Previously to the heavy fall of snow that occurred a week ago, and which still encumbers the streets, a succession of wet days occasioned an accumulation of mud that gave forth most unsavoury odours, and lent a damp chilliness to the atmosphere which sent home to their sick chambers, assailed by sore throats and all the other miseries peculiar to colds, many of those who were so imprudent as to venture abroad.

We know the touch of cold steel at our throats, as well as ever I knew the poor misthress' handbell; and unless our Lady, and St. Lawrence, and the rest of them, keep the better watch on us, the rascals will only ransom us without our heads, so jealous and bloodthirsty they are.

He and the livery-stable keeper had made a few swaps and one was about as sharp as the other; until finally it got to be a matter of pride between 'em to cut each other's throats in some horse-trade They would talk and haggle, and drive away and come back, and jockey each other for months; but they always paid cash and if one of 'em got stuck he'd trade the horse off to some woman.