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"And the doctor?" asks Camille, as he and the messenger are hurrying side by side out of Exchange alley into Bienville street. " was there yesterday and the day before." They reach the house. Attalie meets her counselor alone at the top of the stairs. "Li bien malade," she whispers, weeping; "he is very ill." " wants to make his will?" asks Camille. All their talk is in their bad French.

'I could not say exactly, but for some days. 'Eh bien, my dear cheaile, I find myself better this morning, and we must return to our lessons. Je veux m'habiller, ma chère Maud; you will wait me in the school-room.

With the utmost docility Benouville effaced himself. "Eh, bien, Monsieur Duchemin!" "Eh, bien, madame la comtesse?" Liane sipped at her champagne, making impudent eyes at Lanyard over the brim of her glass. "By what appears, you have at last torn yourself away from the charming society of the Château de Montalais." "As you see." "That was a long visit you made at the château, my old one?"

It is true that several hundred people witnessed the promise, with a perfect understanding of the jest, and that the keeping of this oath involves a certain breach of faith with society. Eh bien! let us, then, deceive the world and the flesh and the devil! Let us snap our fingers at this unholy trinity, and assert the right, when the whim takes us, to make unstinted love to our own wives!"

M. Roussillon struggled savagely, insisting upon completing his cruel performance; but he was at last overpowered, partly by brute force and partly by the pleading of Maisonville's brother, and made to desist. The big man wept with rage when he saw the bleeding prisoner protected. "Eh bien! I'll keep what I've got," he roared, "and I'll take the rest of it next time."

"I know it. But I'm not with them. It's an order. I'm going alone." "Bien. But do you know the route?" "I'm not going by it." He laughed, suddenly giving up all attempt at responsibility, and bent to catch her starting handle. "Oh, don't worry." "Yes, it's your last day, I may as well help you to go away."

Have you found a good 'decrotteuse'. For those are the steps by which you must rise to politeness. I do not presume to ask if you have any attachment, because I believe you will not make me your confident; but this I will say, eventually, that if you have one, 'il faut bien payer d'attentions et de petits soin', if you would have your sacrifice propitiously received.

I had planned for us a life during which our new-born friendship was always to endure untarnished. Eh bien, man proposes! De Soyecourt is of a jealous disposition; and here I sit, amid my fallen aircastles, like that tiresome Marius in his Carthaginian debris." "De Soyecourt?" she echoed, dully.

"Nobody goin' believe Courteau. And McCaskey is dam' t'ief." "If only I could help him. You'll go to him, 'Poleon, won't you? Promise." Silently the Canadian assented. They had reached the door of the hotel before he spoke again; then he said slowly, quietly: "You been playin' 'hearts' wit' HIM, ma soeur? You you love him? Yes?" "Oh yes!" The confession came in a miserable gasp. "Bien!

Madame Récamier's personal appearance at eighteen is thus described by her niece: "A figure flexible and elegant; neck and shoulders admirably formed and proportioned; a well-poised head; a small, rosy mouth, pearly teeth, charming arms, though a little small, and black hair that curled naturally. A nose delicate and regular, but bien français, and an incomparable brilliancy of complexion.