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Having in an excursion reached the summit of one of the highest hills on the island, where the sea was visible all round him, he shook his head with affected solemnity, and exclaimed in a bantering tone, "Eh! il faut avouer que mon ile est bien petite."

This answer incensed me greatly, for I had not yet learnt that one of the chief conditions of "comme il faut"-ness was to hold one's tongue about the labour by which it had been acquired.

Though there seemed little chance of his returning to claim his place in her affections though she had made the most laudable efforts to banish him from her recollection, yet "En songeant qu'il faut qu'on l'oublie On s'en souvient;"

When we were on the point of parting he turned to me: "Señor, j'espère que je ne vous ai pas faché, si je me suis exprimé trop fortement devant vous qui m'avez tant rendu service, il faut me pardonner, je suis pauvre et malheureux, mais je pensois que c'était mon devoir." It was as lucky a meeting for him as for me.

In one of his remarks was a touch of sadness. He told Lemer that, at the present crisis, all authors should sacrifice their writing for a time, and throw themselves with energy into politics. "Et pour cela il faut etre jeune," he added with a sigh; "et moi, je suis vieux!"

I hate to see a man's arms drop down as if he was shot, before the clock's fairly struck, just as if he'd never a bit o' pride and delight in 's work. The very grindstone 'ull go on turning a bit after you loose it." "Bodderation, Adam!" exclaimed Wiry Ben; "lave a chap aloon, will 'ee? Ye war afinding faut wi' preachers a while agoo y' are fond enough o' preachin' yoursen.

Yet let it be remembered that in real experience the novelist's art of foreshadowing the end from the beginning and aiming every petty incident at the final result is very seldom perceptible. "Il ne faut pas voyager pour voir, mais pour ne pas voir," says the proverb; and the journey of life is included in its application.

However, that's by-the-way. In all those years I have only seen maman once she doesn't like children. But my aunt Grosville has some French relations very, very 'comme il faut, you understand and I used to go and stay with them for the holidays. Tell me! did you ever hunt in France?"

I can get no conception of your state of mind any more than a nightingale could conceive the state of mind of a sparrow. In a sparrowish way, it must be rather blissful no? We artists are the salt of the earth, of course; but every art knows its own bitterness, and il faut souffrir pour être sel."

"When I've got a pot o' good ale, I like to swaller it, and do my inside good, i'stead o' smelling and staring at it to see if I can't find faut wi' the brewing. I should like you to pick me out a finer-limbed young fellow nor Master Godfrey one as 'ud knock you down easier, or 's more pleasanter-looksed when he's piert and merry." "Tchuh!" said Mr.