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Dick was speaking through his hands. "That's how he regards it himself. She was always playing fast and loose till she got engaged to him. It was just the fashion in that set. But he I imagine no one ever played with him before. He swears swears he'll make her suffer for it yet." "Pooh!" said Fielding. "How does he propose to do that? She's your wife anyhow." "My wife yes."

On his back he wore a scarlet coat, while a shawl, also embroidered, was fastened loosely round his waist, below which again appeared a sort of kilt, and loose trousers. His sword was ready in one hand and a spear in the other, so that he promised to be a formidable opponent at close quarters.

"I want her to leave newspaper work and try literature," he said, "but Jeanne's afraid to cut loose. She's earning her living ... and she's alone in the world. No one to fall back on, you know." "But she'd make more money at real writing, wouldn't she?" asked Robert.

"He did all there was to do, Ulred, except that he could not bring that long body and those loose arms of his to offer me cup or platter without risk to my garments, and even Egbert was forced to agree that he should never be able to make a courtly servant of him; but save in that matter Osgod has got on right well.

P'raps I'm getting old-fashioned already You used to call me 'the Girondist. But if the New Woman is to go on the loose and be unmoral like the rabbits, won't the cause suffer from middle-class opposition?" Vivie: "Perhaps. But it may gain instead the sympathies of the lower and the upper classes. Why do you bother about Beryl? I agree with you in disliking all this sexuality..."

I may not have thought, certainly I did not realize, what I was doing. Besides, my father and brother were not convicted criminals at that time, however weak they had proved themselves under temptation. And then I believed I had left them behind me on the road of life; that we were sundered, irrevocably cut loose from all possible connection. But such ties are not to be snapped so easily.

"Then, with your lordship's permission, I will; it's the safest way." The smuggler entered the cabin, the ladies started as he appeared in his rough costume. With his throat open, and his loose black handkerchief, he was the beau ideal of a handsome sailor. "Your lordship wishes to communicate with me?"

"As you see, it's a power excavator, and, while it works all right in loose stuff and gravel, the two I have on the Mule Deer road have been giving me trouble." Weston, who was deeply interested, laid the machine on his knee and spun it round once or twice. "The elevator buckets are the weak point," he said. "They won't deliver stiff, wet spoil freely."

Then why did you not stop to keep him till I came along, and we would have haled him to the stocks? That would have been sport and all. You call me fool but if you found a man covered with blood and hurts tied to a tree, and he daft and not able to speak, had you not cut him loose? Well, he's gone, and this alone is left of him, and he spun the piece into the air.

Dundas to the rector, and another to Edgar, set the question of self-destruction at rest, though also they gave loose to other energies of conjecture, for in both he said, "No harm has come to her, and I am content to let her remain where she has elected to place herself."