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Kate glanced round quickly, and her eyes suddenly became quite hard. "Penitentiary?" she questioned sharply. Helen shrugged. "Everybody says he's the biggest whisky smuggler in the country, and and his habits don't make things look much different. Say, Kate, O'Brien told me the other day that the police had him marked down. They were only waiting to get him red-handed."

The proprietor of a private theatre may be an ex-scene-painter, a low coffee-house-keeper, a disappointed eighth-rate actor, a retired smuggler, or uncertificated bankrupt.

"Then, with your lordship's permission, I will; it's the safest way." The smuggler entered the cabin, the ladies started as he appeared in his rough costume. With his throat open, and his loose black handkerchief, he was the beau ideal of a handsome sailor. "Your lordship wishes to communicate with me?"

After alluding to his wealthy brother's desire that he should retire from business, the miller continued as follows: "What you are ready to do for me, I want you to do for Cristy. She is in danger, in more ways than one, and I am obliged to get her away from my house as if I was a smuggler, and my girl contraband goods. I am a bad hand at writing, so I leave Cristy to tell you the particulars.

"This letter, being to my address, and having been entrusted to you by M. Van Dael, you ought " "This letter was not entrusted to me by M. Van Dael," said Faringhea, interrupting Rodin. "How, then, is it in your possession?" "A Javanese smuggler betrayed me. Van Dael had secured a passage to Alexandria for this man, and had given him this letter to carry with him for the European mail.

Then, on the other hand, no one thinks any the worse of the men that do it, and there is scarce a one, gentle or simple, as won't buy some of the stuff if he gets a chance, so it can't be so very wrong. It must be great fun to be a smuggler, to be always dodging the king's cutters, and running cargoes under the nose of the officers ashore. There is some excitement in a life like that."

She had not seen him once since that great day when they had visited the Ecrehos. The house of Elie Mattingley the smuggler stood in the Rue d'Egypte, not far east of the Vier Prison. It had belonged to a jurat of repute, who parted with it to Mattingley not long before he died.

In those days it was certainly not looked on in its proper light, and a smuggler, if he was bold and daring, was considered a very fine fellow. Most of our guests were Hampshire or Isle of Wight men, and had been personally acquainted with many of the smugglers in their day, and might, perhaps, not have refused to purchase any of the goods they had to offer.

But the dinner was never finished; for before they had begun their speeches a smuggler came in to say that the wind had shifted, and that it was now breezing up from the southeast. So we left our plates just as they were. The men rose up from their chairs, drank whatever was in their cups at the moment, and marched out of the inn in a body.

We were obliged to do the duty of coast-guard as well, and this would have done well enough had there been any smuggling, with the capture of which we might have indemnified ourselves; but there was none. What a fool a smuggler would have been to have ventured on a coast, guarded by two hundred fellows at their wits' end with hunger!

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