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Can it truly be said that most men find the wishes of their youth satisfied in later life? Ten years ago, I should have utterly denied it, and could have brought what seemed to me abundant evidence in its disproof. And as regards myself, is it not by mere happy accident that I pass my latter years in such enjoyment of all I most desired? Accident but there is no such thing.

Such at least was their intention; but their wishes were well known to her, and very possibly, unconsciously influenced their conduct and manner, in many daily trifles, in a way very evident to Elinor. In the mean time, September had come, and the moment for final decision was at hand. Mr.

"It has been against my wishes," writes the latter to President Cooper, "that he should quit college in order that he may soon enter into a new scene of life, which I think he would be much fitter for some years hence than now.

"I tell you, my lord," cried Rodin, in a weak and broken voice, "that it is ferocious to express such wishes in the presence of a dying man.

In the effort to make known his wishes his memory had failed him, and Marguerite stood utterly helpless to execute that wish. "Something is on papa's mind some paper. It is, indeed, of much importance, for poor papa has been deeply agitated."

Such an uneasiness may not be clearly understood by the individual merely because the uneasiness is diffuse and not localized. But there is no personality, Do will, wish or desire in that uneasiness; it may and does cause to arise in the conscious personality wills and wishes and desires against which there is rebellion and because of which there is conflict.

On his sister Fanny's birthday, when the visit to Malicolo was just over, after his birthday wishes, he goes on: 'And now, how will you be when this reaches Feniton? I think of all your daily occupations, school, garden, driving, &c. your Sunday reading, visiting the cottages, &c., and the very thought of it makes me feel like old times.

"Why doesn't he go back to his own country?" "I suppose," I would answer hotly, "he has other things to do than to consider your individual wishes, Alexei Petrovitch." Then he would laugh: "Well, well, Ivan Andreievitch, you sentimentalists all hang together." "Why can't you leave him alone?" I remember that I continued. "Because he doesn't leave me alone," he answered shortly.

Then the prison was opened, and Frances was free once more. Johnson, as Burke observed, might have added a striking page to his poem on the Vanity of Human Wishes, if he had lived to see his little Burney as she went into the palace and as she came out of it. The pleasures, so long untasted, of liberty, of friendship, of domestic affection, were almost too acute for her shattered frame.

The lady strolled along the bank of the Loire towards Plessis inhaling like a fish the fine freshness of the water, toying, sauntering like a little mouse who wishes to see and taste everything.