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Away on past trips to the Michigan iron ore fields and now on shorter journeys to eastern financial centers he never thought of it, he was absorbed by business. But in that he wasn't alone, it was true of the majority of successful men he knew over forty; they saw their wives, their homes, they thought of their families, only in the intervals of their tyrannical occupations.

I went in search of Thomas, who was with coachman and gardener, having a lad to assist him in both occupations. He assured me that work was very pressing, and it would be at considerable personal sacrifice if he went.

Meanwhile, the occupations that had ordinarily filled their days to overflowing with fun, seemed dull and uninteresting and they found their thoughts reverting again and again to the bereaved father in his lonely little cabin in the woods.

I do not mean that he should waste his life in the country; his occupations would probably lead him to London. I care not where my house is, all I want is to keep my home. You know, he added, with a smile that I thought meaning, 'how often I have implied to you that I have no vulgar ambition for Ellinor.

His patience and his kindness to the boy were inexhaustible." Napoleon was also very kind to Marie Louise. He did everything that he could to make his wife happy and respected. He arranged matters in such a way that etiquette should not interfere with her favorite occupations. She dined alone with him every evening, and when he was absent, she dined with the Duchess of Montebello.

He has so often had to give way to necessity that he no longer rebels against it. Having borne its yoke ever since he was born, he is accustomed to it, and is ready for whatever may come. Work and play are alike to him; his plays are his occupations, and he sees no difference between the two.

She remembered people's ill turns, and what was done for them; and for the well she remembered dates and suggested agreeable occupations gave them happy ideas. Besides being a calendar of domestic traditions, she was weather-wise, and prognosticated gales, meteors, high tides, and rains. Home, father said, was her sphere. All that she required, he thought he could do; but of me he was doubtful.

There is no characteristic of our civilization so marked as the element of interdependence as between social units. We are all dependent upon our fellows in one way or another. Some occupations, however, are more hazardous than others and the rule of the past in compelling those engaged in dangerous activities to bear unaided the burden of this great risk, is not right.

And they did not; time passed swiftly and pleasantly in the round of occupations and amusements suggested by Grace. Friday and Saturday soon slipped by, and Sunday came, bringing its sacred duties and pleasures religious services at home, at church, then the Sunday schools, and after that the home Bible class, which all found so pleasant.

Particular ancestors of families engaged in hereditary occupations may develop into tutelar deities presiding over those occupations patron gods of crafts and guilds. Out of other ancestral cults, through various processes of mental association, may be evolved the worship of deities of strength, of health, of long life, of particular products, of particular localities.