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"I started for this country with a select party; and, after traversing it for weeks, in the Mimbres mountains, near the head waters of the Gila, I found the precious ore in its bed. I established a mine, and in five years was a rich man. "I remembered the companion of my youth, the gentle, the beautiful cousin who had shared my confidence, and inspired me with my first passion.

"The troub' has been," went on Bernique feverishly, "that we have not looked for the ore in that place where the ore is " "That's always the troub'," muttered Piney. He had got his composure back and he seemed now rather good-naturedly contemptuous. Piney's was not a nature to accommodate itself to the exaltation of an ore find.

When all of this should have been accomplished, there would be scarcely a process in the steel industry, from the smelting of the ore to the completion of a bridge, which the Boyne Iron Works could not undertake. Such was the beginning of the "lateral extension" period. "Two can play at that game," Mr. Scherer said.

He also discovered and worked a vein of mountain ore that will also run from five to fifteen feet thick, and is easily mined, one miner being able to mine twenty tons per day after the earth has been removed. Mr. Rhodes spent several months in the ore fields of Scotland and England in 1868, and found the veins there not over two feet in thickness. In the Tuscarawas Valley property, Mr.

There would not have been much known about them, had there not been mines there, great deep pits, with long galleries and passages running off from them, which had been dug to get at the ore of which the mountains were full. In the course of digging, the miners came upon many of these natural caverns. A few of them had far-off openings out on the side of a mountain, or into a ravine.

In 1538 the crown officers in San Juan wrote to the Home Government: " ... The gold is diminishing. Several veins of lead ore have been discovered, from which some silver has been extracted. The search would continue if the concession to work these veins were given for ten years, with 1.20 or 1.15 royalty."

It seems to me that what you need for your business would be two of those big steel ore vessels, with their engines astern the kind they use on the Great Lakes." "That is exactly why I am going to San Francisco, Mr. Peasley. There are on this Coast two ships such as you describe sister ships and just what the doctor ordered." "What are their names?" "The Lion and the Unicorn."

Under his feet the way was rough and made frequent turns, and for the most part seemed to climb upward. "There you see it. I discovered a vein of ore back there at the place we entered, and assayed it and found it rich, and see how I worked it out!

Old Juan it was of whom he had borrowed the gold ore that had coaxed the two thousand dollars from L. W. and he had never sent the picked rock back. "How are you, Juan?" he enquired politely in the formula that all Mexicans love. "And your wife, Rosita? Is she well also? Yes, thank God, I am well, myself. Where is Rico now? He is a good boy, truly will you do one more thing for me, Juan?"

"Besides," added the Texicans through the New York Herald, "there are rights due to a state that grows the best cotton in all America, a state which produces holm oak for building ships, a state that contains superb coal and mines of iron that yield fifty per cent. of pure ore."