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It may very well be that she regretted her behaviour in this respect, for it was effectively after one of these parties that Surgeon-Major Livingstone, pressing upon his departing guest in the hall the usual whiskey and soda, found it necessary instead to give him another kind of support, and to put him immediately and authoritatively to bed.

"Contrast this with the conduct of the defendant, his own wife an exile from his bed and board, for no cause, except the lordly will of the defendant.

Stripped, as she then was, of all that civilized society presents to a human being on the bed of death without friends, aid of any kind, comfort, sympathy, or the consolations of religion she might be truly said to have sunk to the mere condition of animal life whose uncontrollable impulses had thus left their startling and savage impress upon her countenance, unless, as we have said, when the faint dawn of consciousness threw a softer and more human light into her wild features.

Never more shall you protect his brow from the burning rays of summer or the cutting winds of winter. Henceforth bare-headed must your master go. Good-bye, good-bye, old hat!" At the end of this affecting appeal the German rose. He went to the box at the foot of his bed; out of it he took a black hat, which had evidently been seldom worn and carefully preserved.

At last he ran into a chamber wondrous richly decked, where was a bed all dressed with cloth of gold, the richest that could be thought of, and one who lay quite still within the bed; and by the bedside stood a table of pure gold borne on four silver pillars, and on the table stood a marvellous spear, strangely wrought.

There he had been heard 'breathing heavily, and had been seen asleep upon his bed, long after he was smothered in his own pillows, and his body shut up in the family vault.

"Every one of them is double," said the man, "save only one, the which is paid for by a young man that goes off at break of day and who is already asleep." At this Winterton swore a dreadful oath that he would not sleep by the fire after riding fifty miles while there was half a bed in the house, and commanded the host to go and tell the young man that he must half blankets with him.

Over these the kettle hissed; and the firelight fell on their bed, with its linen oversheet turned back and neatly folded. She entered and he closed the door behind her. She laughed as he pushed its bolt. They were drenched to the skin, the pair. "This is best," said she with another soft and happy laugh. "This is best," he repeated after her. "Better even than in fair weather."

We came to a chamber in which I saw a table, a chair, a small toilet-glass and a bed with the straw palliasse turned over, very likely for the purpose of allowing the looker-on to suppose that there were sheets underneath, but I was particularly disgusted by a certain smell, the cause of which was recent; I was thunderstruck, and if I had been still in love, this antidote would have been sufficiently powerful to cure me instanter.

Tom went to bed that night planning vengeance against Alfred Temple; for with shame and repentance Becky had told him all, not forgetting her own treachery; but even the longing for vengeance had to give way, soon, to pleasanter musings, and he fell asleep at last with Becky's latest words lingering dreamily in his ear "Tom, how COULD you be so noble!" VACATION was approaching.

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