May He protect the army, may He fortify the faith, may He grant peace and happiness to those who govern them under the auspices of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen." "Clerk, we have had words enough!" put in the count. "The accused shall be put to the trial of the cold water let his right hand be bound to his left foot, and let him be thrown into the tank head foremost.

Angel and I ran forward to protect The Seraph if need be from the consequences of his hardy act; but the old man was smiling placidly. "That trout," he said, "is so gleeful to get away from his captivity as I be to escape from the work'us." "Oh, did you run away from the workhouse?" we cried, in chorus, gathering around him, "Have you run far?" And we looked at his broken boots.

"Sad, sad tidings, indeed!" sighed Haydn, shaking his head. "Worse than I thought. The people riotous and rebellious the army defeated and the enemy marching upon Vienna. But don't despair courage, courage, children; let us put our trust in God and our excellent emperor. Those two will never forsake us they will guard and protect Vienna, and never suffer a single stone to be taken from its walls."

Think I never loved you; or think truly how little I deserve you; and learn to scorn me for a presumption which can never be too severely punished. I am unable to say more. May guardian angels protect you for ever!"

"Benedictus! benedictus!" cried Father Haspinger, laying his hands on those which the three men had joined on taking the oath. "The Lord has heard and accepted your oath; the Lord will bless you, the Holy Virgin will protect you! Amen!" "And now let us concert measures for the struggle, and consider what we ought to do," said the friar, after a pause.

Nebsecht looked at the other with as much astonishment and dismay, as if he had been awakened from sleep by bad tidings. Then he cried: "All that I have, I would share with the old man and Uarda." "And who would protect her?" "Her father." "That rough drunkard who to-morrow or the day after may be sent no one knows where."

In escaping by the window, it was said that the Count had fallen, and been immediately taken; but that De Mille had fled through the streets, pursued by the populace, and had been arrested at some distance from the scene of the murder; that the Count had declared himself innocent of the death of the Jew, and that he had risked his own life in endeavoring to protect him; but that De Mille, on being brought back to the tavern, confessed to a plot to murder the broker, and rob him of his pocket-book, and inculpated the Count in the crime.

And that is the kind of shield, says Paul, which we are to have no little defence which may protect some part of the nature, but a great wall, behind which he who crouches is safe. 'Above all' does not mean here, as superficial readers take it to mean, most especially and primarily, as most important, but it simply means in addition to all these other things.

"My daughter's maid, I suppose, is the person Half of Cross Hall would have been a good fortune, but you're not to get it." "You must not come to Mrs. Phillips's again. I am going to stay in the house till her husband returns, and will protect her from you," said Brandon. "Protect her from her own mother!" said Mrs. Peck. "Let them hold their heads as high as they like, they can't get out of that.

So far from endeavouring to protect the peasantry from the oppression of the proprietors, it did not even determine by law the mutual obligations which ought to exist between the two classes.