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I laughed, as I handed back the empty tankard. "Like your father," he said hopelessly. "But your father lived to learn better, which I doubt you will do." "He got a stomach affliction," I devilled, "so that one mouthful of spirits turned it outside in. It were wisdom not to drink when one's tank will not hold the drink." While we talked Pons was gathering to my bedside my clothes for the day.

The gasoline tank may go up!" cried Field, the small man with the big voice. Tom did not answer, but ran in as close as was necessary and began to play a small stream from his hand extinguisher on the blazing car.

It would be more difficult to apply them to small household machines, in which simplicity is an essential element; and we must rest satisfied with imperfect methods, such as proximity to a stove, or the immersion of the cylinder in a tank of water. Consequently loss of power by cooling and by incomplete expansion cannot be avoided.

"I believe I am the unluckiest beggar that ever breathed. That oughtn't to have gone off for hours yet, and now it'll let 'em know we're gone, and that's all." I did not say anything, for I was too weak and troubled, and how I kept up as I did, I don't know to this day. The morning broke at last with the knowledge that we were three miles to the right of the tank Captain Dyer had meant to reach.

But Folks know how to make things strong and secure, and once or twice, when I tried leaping, it was only to bang my sides against the edges of the tank, and spatter the deck far and wide, making extra work for the sailors.

He was a selfish, dishonest man, who used Tank Shirley's hatred of his brother and his other sins to hide his own wrongdoing. But I tried to do my duty by the innocent ones who must suffer, when I turned him loose with his conscience.

Having skirted the borders of the tank for about three miles, we turned into the forest, and continued our route through alternate open and thick forest, until we at length reached a rough, open country, interspersed with low jungles. Here we met the watchers, who reported the herd to be a few hundred paces from us in some patches of thick jungle.

Through these inequalities the water was still running off in natural drains towards the great channel in the centre, that conducts it to the broken sluice; and across these it was sometimes difficult to find a safe footing for our horses. In a lonely spot, towards the very centre of the tank, we came unexpectedly upon an extraordinary scene.

Moisture condensed out of it here, and CO froze solidly out of it there, and on beyond it collected as restless, transparent liquid air. At the same time, liquid air from another tank evaporated to maintain the proper air pressure in the shack. Every so often Pop tapped the pipe where the moisture froze, and lumps of water ice clattered out to be returned to the humidifier.

She must get help. There was water in the tank. She managed to lean up inside it, standing as high as the walls would allow her, trying to keep her head above the water. Frantically, she managed to loosen the gag. She screamed. Her voice seemed to be bound around by the iron walls as was she herself.