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But as to the circumstances o' the case, 'specially those of 'em as hasn't yet transpired, I don't rightly know myself wot opinions I ought to entertain."

'Mr Linkinwater had only been here twenty year, sir, when that pipe of double-diamond was laid down. 'David is quite right, quite right, brother Charles, said Ned: 'are the people here, David? 'Outside the door, sir, replied the butler. 'Show 'em in, David, show 'em in.

No, I couldn't, with any degree of avidity, seem to fall in with the idea of lettin' none of 'em go. Thank you kindly, gentlemen." Down the slope they drove and up another foothill to the ranch-house of Wiley Wilson. Trinidad recited his appeal and the Judge boomed out his ponderous antiphony. Mrs.

But this day we laid out to see as much as we could of the immense display of flowers. But where there is milds and milds of clear flowers, what can you do? You can't look at every one on 'em, to save your life.

I've looked into your League. It's a damned good thing. About the only thing that has been invented which can stem the tide of Socialism. Catch 'em young. That's the way. But you want the sinews of war. You get subscriptions, but not enough; I've seen your last balance sheet. You want a little army of what the devil shall we call 'em?" "Big Englanders," Paul suggested at a venture. "Good.

Sometimes they would scuffle and laugh loudly. "Do you imagine it's more leap-frog?" inquired the school-master. "Gambling," said Drake. "They'll keep at it now till one of them wins everything the rest have bought." "Have they been lively ever since morning?" "Had a reaction about noon," said Drake. "Regular home-sick spell. I felt sorry for 'em." "They seem full of reaction," said Bolles.

We should have gossiped more than we did if the vessel had not exacted unusual attention, for the winds and the waves had "plenty of mischief in 'em" yet, as I was well able to testify when I was sent aft to help the man at the wheel.

"I tell you, Miss Leila, a post-office is a place to make you laugh one day and cry the next. When you see a girl from the country come here twice a week for maybe two months and then go away trying that hard to make believe it wasn't of any account. There ought to be some one to write 'em letters just to say, 'Don't cry, he'll come. It might be a queer letter."

You won't have any time in Perth, and you'll want some decent togs to land with in Sydney." "I wouldn't 'a' cared so much if I'd 'a' seen the last of her," he said, in a quiet, patient voice, to us one night by the rail. "I would 'a' liked to have seen the last of her." "Have you been long in the West?" "Over two years. I made up to take a run across last Christmas, and have a look at 'em.

Constance felt a little startled. "What does he do?" she hastily asked. "You know, Miss Constance, my bedroom's overhead, above the kitchen here, and, being built out on the side, I can see the windows at the back of the house from it as we can see 'em from this kitchen window, for the matter of that, if we put our heads out.