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The day of the joust being come, forth they rode into the lists, side by side, each in his triple mail and ponderous helm, alike at all points save for the golden circlet upon Duke Beltane's shining casque. And there befell, that day, a mighty shivering of lances and many a knightly deed was wrought.

The schooner, evidently well off the wind, yet with all her sheets hauled tight and clewed down, was literally flying ahead, but trying to dive right through the ponderous seas, instead of skimming over and laughing at them, as the captain well knew she ought to do. There wasn't a second to lose pondering the problem as to why she would not come up and save herself.

By degrees a fleet of boats and canoes were piled up with all kinds of household articles; ponderous tables; chests of drawers, resplendent with brass ornaments, quaint corner cupboards; beds and bedsteads; with any quantity of pots, kettles, frying-pans, and Dutch ovens. In each boat embarked a whole family, from the robustious burgher down to the cats and dogs and little negroes.

Shrig, consulting a ponderous watch, "to the best o' my judgment 'e ain't dead yet, no, not yet, I fancy, but two hours say three should do 'is business neat an' comfortable; yes in three hours 'e should be as nice a corpse as ever you might vish to see if the con-clusions as I've drawed is correct. An' talkin' o' murder, sir " "Ah!" I exclaimed. "Is it murder?" "Sir," answered Mr.

Bessie's silence and her vagrant eyes misled her uncle into the supposition that his old stones, old canvases, and ponderous quartoes interested her curiosity, and noticing that they settled at length, with an intelligent scrutiny, on some object beyond him, he asked what it was, and moved to see.

The rites commenced, and went on without any unusual disturbance of their course until they came to the question: "Who giveth this woman to be married to this man?" Her guardian, the chief justice, a portly, ponderous person, was moving solemnly forward to perform this duty, when

He sighed with ponderous complacency, and turned from me to the girl behind the counter. "I will take another cup of tea." Oscar's reception of me, when I found him on the platform, and told him next of Lucilla's critical state, was more than discouraging. It is no exaggeration to say that he alarmed me. "Another item in the debt I owe to Nugent!" he said.

Herschel suggested calling it Georgius Sidus, in honour of George III., then King; but luckily this ponderous name was not adopted, and as the other planets had been called after the Olympian deities, and Uranus was the father of Saturn, it was called Uranus.

Our army's signal-word that day Was the disastrous fight; It spurred us on like lightning's ray, And plunged us deep in bloody fray, And in the spears' black night. The youthful Count his ponderous mace With lion's rage swung round; Destruction stalked before his face, While groans and howlings filled the place And hundreds bit the ground. Woe! Woe!

The straggling cottages by the road-side, the dingy hue of every object visible, the murky atmosphere, the paths of cinders and brick-dust, the deep-red glow of furnace fires in the distance, the volumes of dense smoke issuing heavily forth from high toppling chimneys, blackening and obscuring everything around; the glare of distant lights, the ponderous wagons which toiled along the road, laden with clashing rods of iron, or piled with heavy goods all betokened their rapid approach to the great working town of Birmingham.