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The paper was yellow, and showed a lattice of folds where it had been pressed into the locket; but the handwriting, though small, was clear and neat, and there was no mistaking a word of what was there set down. 'Twas so short, I could read it at once: So here was an end to great hopes, and I was after all to leave the vault no richer than I had entered it.

I gave mamma a very neat brass thimble, and she gave me a half-guinea piece.

His reading of books during the evenings of his first years in Ohio; he didn't "remember their titles, exactly," he said, but he was sure that "he read a lot of them." ... At last he spoke of his wife, of their buggy-riding, of their neat frame house with the lawn and the porch swing.

I thought the farmer would be more interested in the tractor. I built a steam car that ran. It had a kerosene-heated boiler and it developed plenty of power and a neat control which is so easy with a steam throttle. But the boiler was dangerous.

The sand has of late been blown over a good deal of meadow; and the people of the island say, that their fathers remembered much of the space which is now covered with sand, to have been under tillage. Col's house is situated on a bay called Breacacha Bay. We found here a neat new-built gentleman's house, better than any we had been in since we were at Lord Errol's.

As long as she lived, indeed, he never forgot her; and one of the first tasks he set himself when he was out of his indentures was to cut a neat headstone with a simple but beautiful inscription for the grave of that shepherd father whom he had practically never seen. At Langholm, an old maiden lady, Miss Pasley, interested herself kindly in Janet Telford's rising boy.

The aspect was neat enough, but rather dreary, as Doris contrasted it with the bloom at home. But the greetings were cordial, only Mrs. Manning asked Betty "If she had been waiting for someone to come and show her the way?" Ruth ran to Doris at once and caught her round the waist, nestling her head fondly on the bosom of the guest.

The husband lay in bed, ill of an incurable malady, and spotlessly white were his tasselled nightcap, shirt and bedclothes. Very clean and neat too was the bedroom opening on to the little front yard, beneath each window of the one-storeyed dwelling being a brilliant border of asters. The housewife also was a picture of tidiness, her cotton gown carefully patched and scrupulously clean.

The footsteps of Ridgar and Maren were echoing down the rocky gap. It had been a promising escape, a neat plan well carried out, and there was but one thing lacking to its fulfilment, another step to pace the deserted lodge of captives.

I should like to hear about that old woman's neat little garden," cried Herbert. "And so should I," said Mrs. Harcourt and Mad. de Rosier. Isabella quickly produced the book after supper, and read the poem.