"'I don't know, says I. 'First I'd heard of it, if 'tis. "He just nodded his head and seemed to be thinkin'. When he did speak 'twas more to himself than to me. 'Well, says he, 'then that settles it. I can do it now with a clear conscience. "'Do what? I asked him. "'Oh, nothin', he says. 'Cap'n Obed, are you goin' to be busy all day tomorrow? I know it's Christmas, of course; but are you?

It was reported that an aide-decamp of Lord Stair, who was then English ambassador to our Court, and very much disliked for his insolent bearing and his troublesome ways, had caused these bets by what he had said in England respecting the health of the King. Stair, when told this, was much grieved, and said 'twas a scoundrel he had dismissed.

"You think to yourself, 'twas to be," cried Enoch from his distant corner, by way of filling up the vacancy caused by Geoffrey's momentary absence. "And so you marry her, Master Dewy, and there's an end o't." "Pray don't say such things, Enoch," came from Fancy severely, upon which Enoch relapsed into servitude.

I didn't care a cockle-shell what became of me; and if ever a man was on the brink of destruction, it was Gethin Owens of Garthowen during those two years. I tried everything to drown my sorrows. "'Twas just then in Monte Video I caught a fever the yellow fever they call it and I was in the hospital there for many weeks. They told me afterwards that I had a very bad turn of it.

Now when my soul recovered from amazement at the marvels seen, I arose and went from the starry roofs to consult my books of magic, and 'twas revealed to me that one was wandering to a junction with my destiny, and that by his means the great aim would of a surety be accomplished Shagpat Shaved!

"Sweerin' will no find him," said the Master coldly. "Noo, Sam'l." The big man shifted his feet, and looked mournfully at M'Adam. "'Twas 'appen 'aif an hour agone, when I sees oor Bob goin' oot o' yard wi' little yaller tyke in his mouth. In a minnit I looks agin and theer! little yaller 'un was gone, and oor Bob a-sittin' a-lickin' his chops. Gone foriver, I do reck'n.

"'Twas as clever a thing as a boy ever did," she broke in, with one of her smiles that no man ever forgets, "to begin duffing at an early age, in order to escape all the professions and businesses your pastors and masters proposed, and go your own way. Are ye at it still?" "Rather! But you? I want to talk to you."

'Twas but a few seconds before she and Osmonde were close enough to him to mark his fallen face and ghastly pallor, and a strange dew starting out upon his brow. But 'twas his wife who knelt beside his prostrate body, waving all else aside with a great majestic gesture of her arm. "Back! back!" she cried. "Air! air! and water! My lord! My dear lord!"

He advised me, before we turned in, to "gie the parson a Grunt" as soon as ever I could lay hands upon him. The John made a good voyage for that season, with fair winds and clear skies for the most part. 'Twas a stout ship and a steady, with generous breadth of beam, and kept by the master as clean and bright as his porringer. He was Emperor aboard her.

It is not every lady, may-be, that would be after making such an offer to a blind piper; therefore 'twas only right in him to give her as good as she gave herself, so says Maurice: I'm obliged to you, madam: Off a gold dish or plate, If a king, and I had 'em, I could dine in great state. With your own father's daughter I'd be sure to agree, But to drink the salt water Wouldn't do so with me!