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"Theer's summat noice about that theer young chap," Janner remarked with the slowness of a man who was rather mystified by the fascination under whose influence he found himself "sum-mat as goes wi' th' grain loike." "Ay," answered his wife, "so theer is; an' its natur' too. Coom along in, lad," to Seth, "an ha' summat to eat: yo' look faintish."

"An' theer's welly newt else but snow an' ice. A young chap as set out fro' here to get theer froze to death on th' way." "How did you get to hear about it?" "Ann she browt me a paper onet." He dug under his pillow, and brought out a piece of newspaper, worn and frayed and cut with age and usage. "This heer's what's left of it."

The extravagance of Grimbal's rage had affected Mr. Lyddon also. With white and terrified face he crept after Grimbal, and watched that tornado of a man depart. "My stars! He do breathe forth threatenings and slaughters worse 'n in any Bible carater ever I read of," said the miller, "and if what he sez be true " "I'll wager 't is. Theer 's method in him.

His eyes glinted steel-bright under a ferocious frown; the squareness of his jaw became much marked. "You dare to say that, do'e? An' me as good a man, an' better, than you or your brother either! Money you remind me I'm Theer! You can go to blue, blazin' hell for your granite crosses that's wheer you can go you or any other poking, prying pelican! Offer money to me, would 'e?

Us all goes to see it from miles round every year; an' Will was theer. Circus folk do see the world in a way denied to most, and theer manner of life takes 'em even as far as Russia and the Indies I've heard." "Then there's the gypsy blood in him " declared Mr. Lyddon, "that might send him roaming oversea, if nothing else did." "Or my great doings are like to have fired him," said John.

"Well," said the old man, looking round upon his hearers, and bringing out each word with the greatest unction, "that theer evenin' were last Monday evenin' as ever was the very same hour as Dutton's pigs sickened an' died!" Hereupon John Pringle and Job rose simultaneously from where they had been sitting, and retreated precipitately to the door. "Lord!" exclaimed John.

'Ee wanted to see summat, 'ee said an' I dessay 'ee did. An' people began to taak. Last night theer wor a bit of a roompus, it seems, while Mrs. Costrell was a-payin' another o' them things, an' summat as was said come to my ears an' come to Watson's. An' me an' Watson 'ave been makin' inquiries an' Mr. Dawson wor obligin' enough to make me a small loan, 'ee wor.

But when her had been fiddled at for three or four 'ear, her begun to see as her was under no sort o' peril o' losin' her maiden name with Ezra. So her walked theer an' then made up her mind an' walked at once went into some foreign part of the country to see if her couldn't find somebody theer as'd fancy a nice-lookin' wench, and tek less time to find out what he'd took a likin' for."

Tom uttered a low growl which was more like that of a dog than a human being; and after an ineffectual attempt to get at Dick, he dragged himself away to kneel down at the first clear pool to bathe his bleeding nose. "Theer, now, I'll let you go," said Hickathrift, "and I'm straange and glad I was i' time to stop you. Think o' you two mates falling out and fighting like a couple o' dogs!

An idle taistrill is t' sparrow, wi' nowther sense nor mense in his head. But theer, barns, I'm gettin' off t' track o' my story o' Janet an' t' way shoo wakkened up t' birds wi' her wand. "You see shoo allus knew whose turn sud coom next, an' wheer ivery sort o' bird was roostin'. One minute shoo pointed t' stick to t' top o' t' trees, an' then I heerd 'Caw!