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'Not waltzing? said Hazel, opening her brown eyes with an expression of mild dismay which was very nearly too much for Dr. Arthur. 'Waltzing? said Prudentia, mystified. 'I did not say anything about waltzing. Why shouldn't he waltz? I think he used. Why yes; he was a famous waltzer. Don't you waltz, Miss Kennedy? 'But I was always known to be out of my head, said Hazel.

"To France," was Hugh's reply, on the spur of the moment. "I can get to Marseilles." "Yes. Go by way of Barcelona. It is quickest," said the Englishman. "The express leaves just after three o'clock." Then, after he had thanked Hugh for his timely warning, the latter walked out more than ever mystified at the attitude of The Sparrow's accomplices.

"Yes," said Theydon, thoroughly mystified anew by the announcement that Forbes had even contemplated, or so much as hinted at, the astounding imprudence of visiting Innesmore Mansions that night. "Ring me up when the detectives have gone. I shall esteem your assistance during this crisis as a real service."

'Is this some pretty arrangement of yours, sir? Am I an intruder at an assignation, or is this a trap with M. de Bruhl in the background? Answer, sirrah! he continued, working himself rapidly into a passion. 'Which am I to understand is the case? 'Neither, sire, I answered with as much dignity as I could assume, utterly surprised and mystified as I was by Madame's presence.

"You have a special purpose then in coming back?" I asked, hardly knowing what I was saying. "To call away someone," he went on in the same thrilling voice, "someone who is not quite ready to come, but who is needed elsewhere for a worthier purpose." There was a sadness in his manner that mystified me more than ever. "You mean ?" I began, with an unaccountable access of trembling.

It was nowhere to be found, and, mystified and astounded, he exclaimed: "Sure th' fur be gone! Bob's an' mine too!" "Gone!" Dick and Ed both spoke together. "An' where now?" "Gone! His an' mine! 'Twere here when we leaves th' tilt, an' 'tis gone now!" The three had risen to their feet and stood looking at each other for awhile in silence.

Well, to say the truth, Harvey was a mystified body, and he was like the winds in the good book; no one could tell whence he came, or whither he went." Frances glanced her eye at her companion with an apparent desire to hear more. "There are rumors abroad relative to the character of Harvey," she said, "that I should be sorry were true."

M. Morrel's interest and amusement changed to wonder and amazement; he was thoroughly mystified and bewildered. "The common people of Rome are not very far astray in their estimate of this Dr. Absalom!" he muttered. "This certainly looks as if the man were a magician!" "Pshaw!" returned Monte-Cristo, with a display of impatience he rarely exhibited.

It was a study, deliberately arranged and deliberately posed for in the artist's studio. He was mystified. Why should she, the daughter of Colonel Castleton, the grand-niece of an earl, be engaged in posing for what evidently was meant to be a commercial product of this whilom artist?

Some months before, Chief Half King had moved his people eight miles northward, down the Sandusky. Guide John Slover had led in vain. He, also, was mystified. The volunteers were disappointed; they wished to turn back. The council of officers decided upon one more day's march; then if nothing happened, back they would go and glad to get out of the land alive.

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