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There is a good deal of amusement, and some profit, in the perusal of those little items which characterize the manners and circumstances of the country.

When women are married and the cares of maternity set in, one does not see how they can get any holiday or recreation at all; but I believe a good deal is done for their amusement by the mothers' meetings and other clerical agencies.

It seems born in them, and it is their favourite amusement. Polkas, waltzes, and quadrilles, are the dances most approved in their private and public assemblies. The eight Scotch reel has, however, its admirers, and most parties end with this lively romping dance.

Edith thought she had heard Mr Mitchell saying something to the others that interested her. She managed to get near him when the gentlemen joined them in the studio, as they called the large room where there was a stage, a piano, a parquet floor, and every possible arrangement for amusement.

"Yes," admitted Cola, "I have found some amusement in gathering those things; but I don't know what half of them are, and there is no one here to tell me." "Possibly I might help you to name some of them," said Cabot, "as I have a bowing acquaintance with geology." "Oh! can you?" cried the girl.

I was growing irritable, Silvia careworn. Even Huldah showed their influence by acquiring the very latest in slang from them. Once in a while to my amusement I heard Silvia unconsciously adopting the Polydore argot.

But he was too eager and too much in earnest to mind the glint of amusement in Mrs. Allan's eyes. "When I went to bed didn't that big, amber-eyed cat of Jerry's follow me upstairs and into the room and stretch herself across my bed just as though that was what I'd expect!

He would even see his own copy of Velasquez next to the one exactly like it the one MacMillan finished yesterday and that I am sending to Oporto, where next year, in a convent, we shall 'discover' it." Philip's surprise gave way to intense amusement. In his delight at the situation upon which he had stumbled, he laughed aloud.

"I feel lost without my eye," she said to Mike, who had answered her persistent gaze. "You bought it for me after that long, long day we spent together in the desert behind Karnak. Do you remember that Coptic convent" she made a face of disgust "and the amusement of the nuns at my blue eyes, and all the dreadful dogs?

On her mouth there was the same smile he had seen when he first saw her; he took it for a smile of innermost amusement. It didn't lurk; there was nothing underhand about it. It hovered, delicately poised for flight. "Euripides," she said, "had the deeper insight, then. He knew that character is destiny." "That character is destiny? Whose character? For all I know your character may be my destiny."