He replied in a sonorous voice: "The first door on the left; that is the department you want." This frightened her still more, and she felt inclined to run away, to put in no claim, to sacrifice her eighteen francs. But the idea of that sum revived her courage, and she went upstairs, out of breath, stopping at almost every other step.

"Meet me at live to-morrow?" "Surely," she agreed, and then went thoughtfully upstairs to bed. As she slowly undressed she thought of Joe Hooper in his new "shepherd plaid" suit and wondered if he were getting along. And she thought of the Thompsons living in their bleak finery on the top floor of the Ardmore, just sixty feet removed from the hideous clatter of the traffic.

During the silence that followed, they heard the sound of wheels in the garden, and two great furniture vans stopped at the door. "I beg your pardon," said Risler, "but I must leave you a moment. Those are the vans from the public auction rooms; they have come to take away my furniture from upstairs." "What! you are going to sell your furniture too?" asked Madame Fromont.

There was some one knocking at the door of the room. It was Sophy, who beckoned her father out, and then asked him, in an awestruck whisper, to come upstairs and speak to her mother. "She will not leave Harry, and talks so strangely. Indeed indeed papa, I think she has lost her senses." And the poor girl sobbed bitterly. "Where is she?" asked Mr. Carson. "In his room."

If we'd not been going back to the Astarte just then he'd have been in, sure enough." "I'll get him upstairs for you, miss," said one of the sailors. "He's going to have the rats. We'd really ought to have give him to the police." "I'm glad you didn't. If you can help me get him to his room " "Right-o, miss. Is he married?" "Yes. I'm his wife," she said quietly.

Accordingly, the first time that he spoke to me after the carnival, I said that I had lessons to do, and went upstairs, but a quarter of an hour later some one opened the schoolroom door, and Nechludoff entered. "Am I disturbing you?" he asked. "No," I replied, although I had at first intended to say that I had a great deal to do. "Then why did you run away just now?

Doctor Frank ran down-stairs, three steps at a time, followed more decorously by his companions. Grace seated near the table, reading by the light of a tall lamp, was the only occupant. She lifted her eyes in astonishment at her brother's boisterous entrance. "Where is papa?" Kate asked. "Upstairs in the sick-room." "Then wait here, Doctor; wait here, Agnes! I will go for him."

He did not know how long he had been playing, but when he turned, round he saw his brother entering the room. He looked like a god, radiating life and strength. Behind him came Rieke with a bowl of punch, and immediately after all the girls came upstairs.

Then they went upstairs into my room and walked off with my fine rifle and shot-gun. One of them grinned when he went out, and said that for a place that had no weapons in it, he thought our house had panned out pretty well. I tell you that made me mad." "And do you think they are coming this way?" asked Mr. Allison.

"We have no direct evidence that the girl went upstairs last night," said Caldew, with a reflective air. "Milly Saker did not see her going upstairs, and apparently nobody saw her coming away." "No direct evidence, it is true. But the presumptive evidence is so strong that it is hardly needed.