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"Knowing your lordship's anxiety, I decided to run in, so that we could renew the search with the first glimmer of daylight," explained the skipper. "We're now barely under headway. According to the smell, we're as near those reefs as I care to venture in the dark." "Right-o! We'll lose no time," approved the young earl. "D'you still think to-day is apt to tell the tale, one way or the other?"

Then Hastings pressed a button connecting with a bell in the engine room. "I'm going up there with you," Jack volunteered. "Right-o, if you insist," clicked Eph Somers, appearing from the engine room and darting to the young skipper's side. True, Jack's head swam a bit dizzily as he climbed the stairs, but Eph's strong support made the task much easier.

But noon of the next day found Harkness still plodding up the river with the dogs close at his heels. The hills to the northward were growing higher, and Folsom's general knowledge of direction told him that they were in danger of going too far. "I think the Imnachuck is over there," said he. Harkness hesitated, then he nodded: "Right-o! It's just over that low saddle."

"I've had enough, Blair," he said. "I'm all in. Let's go." "Right-o," replied Blair, with evident relief. He reached a hand to Lane to raise himself, an action he rarely resorted to, and awkwardly got his crutch in place. They started out, with Lane accommodating his pace to his crippled comrade.

"Do hurry up now, and you can absolutely gorge on blackberries as we come back, if you want to. I'll promise to wait for you then." "Right-o! I'm coming! Though I must just get that one big beauty! There! I won't eat a single one more till I've had my dip. We must be close to the cove now. I'll run if you like!" The bathing-place for which the girls were bound was a sandy creek among the rocks.

"If I were a woman I'd marry him myself, provided I could get ahead of the rush; but, being a male of the species, I suppose I shall creep out into the jungle and sulk." "Right-o! Don't enter this race, for I'm afraid you'd be a bad loser! Personally I can't see anything in him to rave about. What scares me pink is the knowledge that I must tell him the wretched business that brings me here.

You're going to like that fellow; he's a hundred per cent, white only for his hair. He's got scouting on the brain clean daft about it. He told me all about you and how he and his crew of kids were going to spend August here and make things lively. Your crowd " "Troop," Tom said. "Right-o; your troop had better look out for that bunch excuse me, troop. Right? I'm learning, hey?

"Coal costs money heaps of money now. Oil costs even more. But even with a third-rail patent, a locomotive successfully built to do the work of the great Moguls and mountain climbers of the last two decades, and electrically driven, will make a great difference on the credit side of any rails road's books." "Right-o!" exclaimed Ned. "I can see that."

"Shall I show you a light to the road you're off your track," he said. "You're in the grounds of Shottle House." "I can find my road," said Aaron. "Thank you." Jim suddenly got up and went to peer at the stranger, poking his face close to Aaron's face. "Right-o," he replied. "You're not half a bad sort of chap Cheery-o! What's your drink?" "Mine whiskey," said Aaron. "Come in and have one.

Dessert, crackers, chocolates and cigarettes were piled on a small table, and the famous liqueur came in with the coffee. They filled the little glasses. "This is a great occasion," said Donovan; "let's celebrate it properly. Julie, give us a dance first." She sprang up at once. "Right-o," she said. "Clear the table." They pushed everything to one side, and Peter held out his hand.