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I think I have mentioned the fact that all the male members of our family, on my father's side as far back as the Middle Ages have exhibited in early youth a decided talent for running away. It was an hereditary talent. It ran in the blood to run away. I do not pretend to explain the peculiarity. I simply admit it. It was not my fate to change the prescribed order of things.

In this costume she was generally mistaken by the natives for a young Bey with his moustaches not yet grown, but we are told that her assumption of male dress was severely criticised by the English residents in the Levant.

Finding herself against a literal blank wall for Edward simply refused, but had not the gift of English with which to explain his refusal the teacher decided to take the matter to the male principal of the school. She explained that she had kept Edward after school for as long as two hours to compel him to copy his Spencerian lesson, but that the boy simply sat quiet.

The most probable view with reference to the cases in the present class is that the males, differently from what occurs in Class I., have transmitted their colours to their male offspring at an earlier age than that at which they were first acquired; for, if the males had varied whilst quite young, their characters would probably have been transmitted to both sexes. Mr.

By many writers this relation is translated "brother to brother;" but really in the Japanese language there is no term meaning simply "brother" or "sister," and a circumlocution is necessary to express the ideas which we convey by these words. It is always "older brother" or "younger brother," and "older sister" or "younger sister" the male or female "kiyodai" as the case may be.

Similar laws govern the succession in Portugal and Spain, although dispute on this point has more than once caused civil war in Spain. In Holland, Greece, Russia, Austria, and a few German states a woman may succeed to the throne, provided every single male heir to the crown is dead.

But it was not to be. At least, not then. But mark one for me, Mate: Uncle was so pleased with my keen and hungry interest in color prints and my desire to see his collection, that he invited me to a feast and a dance at the house the next night. The following evening I could have hugged the person, male or otherwise, who called my dear host away for a few minutes just before the feast began.

The priest's voice was very weak, but it carried well under the arched roof, and when the rings the one for the bride bought by her male, the one for the groom by his female descendants were blessed and exchanged, many people were frankly weeping.

Comparing the sexes again, we might say that the female mind reaches perfection in childhood, long before the physical change from a generalised to a specialised form; whereas the male retains a generalised form to the end of life and never ceases to advance mentally. The reason is obvious.

Ford grinned to himself, wondering if Ches didn't have to do his smoking altogether in the bunk-house; he judged her to be just the woman to wage a war on tobacco, and swearing, and muddy boots, and drinking out of one's saucer, and all other weaknesses peculiar to the male of our species.