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A little, frail-looking, pale-faced, elderly gentleman was at my elbow. He smiled at me with the smile of an angel, and my heart went out to him at once, so much so that I could have hugged him in my arms. "My name is William Auld," he continued. "I am the medical missionary. What is yours, my son?" He held out his hand to me. "George Bremner," I replied, gripping his. "Let me bring you a chair."

It was plain that Worry could not see very well then. Some one pushed Ken out, and Worry fell on his neck. He hugged him close and hard. Then he dived at Reddy and mauled him. Next he fell all over little crippled Raymond, who sat propped up in an arm-chair. For once Raymond never murmured for being jumped on.

Aunt Miriam hugged and kissed her before speaking. "I'll teach you what I know, my darling: and now we'll go right off and see Barby we shall catch her just in a good time." It was a poor little unpainted house, standing back from the road, and with a double row of' boards laid down to serve as a path to it. But this board walk was scrubbed perfectly clean. They went in without knocking.

And gathering his mantle about him, he went down the several flights of very rickety stairs, and found himself in the buzzing street. The Romans hugged a fond belief that houses shut out from sunlight and air were extremely healthy. If such were the fact, there should have been no sickness in a great part of the capital.

The slowing car hugged the inside of the sharp turn, Larry holding the door open and waiting his moment. The instant the taxi made the curve Lefty's car was cut from view; and that instant Larry sprang from the running-board, slamming the door behind him, landed on soft earth and scuttled in among the trees.

GABRIEL knew nothing of Brother Stephen's troubles, and so was smiling happily as he stepped into the room, holding his cap in one hand, while with his other arm he hugged to him his large bunch of violets and cuckoo-buds.

I was ashamed of it, and to get away from it I took a leap that landed me straight in Gilbert's arms. "'The thing's all right, and you're all wrong! I shouted up at him; and as he hugged me, and I laughed and shook in his incredulous clutch, I had for a minute the sense of self-complacency that is supposed to attend the footsteps of the just. Hang it all, making people happy has its charms

Having thus authenticated her story beyond a doubt, Mammy hugged Tot a little closer and began: "Once 'pon er time dar wuz a beautiful gyarden wid all kind er nice blossoms, an' trees, an' brooks, an' things, whar all de little chil'en usen ter go and play, an' in dis gyarden de grass wuz allers green, de blossoms allers bright, and de streams allers clar, caze hit b'longed to er little Fraid, named Cheery."

"Having cooked and eaten some of the venison, I rolled myself in my blanket and lay down by the fire, taking my Ishtahbopopa for a bed fellow. I hugged it very closely, for I felt that I should need it during the night. I had scarcely settled myself when I heard what seemed to be ten or twelve coyotes set up such a howling that I was quite sure of a visit from them.

"One is merely the instrument," Bill said. "Yes, the instrument." She hugged the phrase. "The instrument. How cleverly you put things!" Bill disavowed the gift. Margaret breathed, "Oh, you do; I have so often noticed it." Bill again denied. Conventionality demanded this little exchange of them, and to-day the empress sway of conventionality is rarely rebelled.