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Another shout was uttered at the same instant. Edith, who happened to come up just as La Roche's head emerged from the water gasping for breath, uttered a wild shriek that made more than one heart among the absentees leap as they flew to the rescue. Meanwhile La Roche rose and sank several times in the surges of the pool.

I'm coming, now!" Having tossed the captured revolver in the street behind him, Reade made a sudden leap at the "bad wolf." "Hold on!" cried the fellow sheepishly. "Don't get excited. Here it is; take it!" Seeing how readily their companion had surrendered, the other two headed Hazelton's demand for their weapons.

He gave one start of uttermost terror, leapt to his feet, and in an instant was facing me. Already his knife was half out of his waist-band; already he had taken half a leap forwards, when he saw me standing there above him. Bareheaded I stood in the moonlight, the white ray glittering up my knife and lighting up my bared chest and set stern face.

He could not cry out although the terrible face that bent over him made his soul start with fear. The man with the tray heard the noise behind him and turned. Ned sprang like a panther. All the force and energy that he had been concentrating so long were in the leap. The soldier went down as if he had been struck by a cannon ball and his tray and dishes rattled upon him.

Another took to the lake, and after playing Robinson Crusoe on the island for some time, swam across to the wood, took a standing leap out of the shallow water on the brink over the paling, and laid up in Penn Wood.

Guy Oscard followed his companion into the hall, and the very scent of the house for each house speaks to more senses than one made his heart leap in his broad breast. It seemed as if Millicent's presence was in the very air. This was more than he could have hoped. He had not intended to call this afternoon, although the visit was only to have been postponed for twenty-four hours.

A lion can jump a distance greater than twenty-four feet, and has been seen to ascend at a single leap a cliff of rock eighteen feet high. Their weight runs from one hundred to two hundred pounds, and the length from six to nine feet. The skin will stretch farther than this, but we count only the carcass from the tip of the nose to the tip of the extended tail.

I was in the morning-room on the ground-floor, where, with much labour, I hoisted a small chair on to the table close to the window. My heart was now beating as if it would leap out of my side, but I pursued my experiment. I knelt down on the carpet in front of the table and looking up I said my daily prayer in a loud voice, only substituting the address 'Oh Chair! for the habitual one.

The boys were more in want of water than food, and fortunately they had not gone far when they struck another stream, narrow enough for them to leap across, and which afforded them a draught with which to quench their thirst. "Now," said Fred, "since we have had such a good breakfast, we will think of nothing more to eat until night."

"Well, then," said he, courteously, "I know Mrs. O'Brien is wanted at home by her little ones. Mrs. Baker, you will not object, I am sure." It was now the elegant woman's turn to flush as Kemp took up the child. Ruth felt a leap of delight at the action.