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And whan he was upon his coursere, and wente to the castelle, and entred into the cave, the dragoun lifte up hire hed azenst him. And whan the knyghte saw hire in that forme so hidous and so horrible, he fleyghe awey. And the dragoun bare the knyghte upon a roche, mawgre his hede; and from that roche, sche caste him in to the see: and so was lost bothe hors and man.

Their services being no longer required, they turned towards the north, and started for the settlement under the command of Roche, to follow up their original intentions of visiting the Shoshones. As for me, I remained behind at San Francisco. Up to the present portion of my narrative, I have lived and kept company with Indians and a few white men who had conformed to their manners and customs.

In watching the climbers the two girls had exposed themselves to the view of any one approaching, and when Cap Roche and his man suddenly came in sight of the two so near the hidden cave they were astonished. One of the cowboys who had seen our friends when they came to Big Bonanza was his companion, and he was not long in recognizing Anna and Eloise.

M. de Haller was the bailiff of Roche. When I called to take leave of Madame de la Saone I found her in bed, and I was obliged to remain by her bedside for a quarter of an hour. She spoke of her disease, and gave the conversation such a turn that she was able with perfect propriety to let me see that the ravages of the disease had not impaired the beauty of her body.

Afterwards they made another pilgrimage up to the Roche d'Or to watch the sunset. When they had reached the top, Ann stood quietly at Tony's side, not speaking. The wonderful beauty of the scene enthralled her, and words would have seemed almost a profanation, breaking across the deep, stirless silence which wrapped them round.

I can take advice from any one of you; I know what each of you can do; I can plan a job for you; I can lead you clear of the law and there's not one of you that can bully me or make me give an inch no, nor all of you together La Roche! Macdougal! Clune! Rankin!"

«La Drance est ici fort resserrée et trés encaissée; ce n'est pas sans frémir qu'on s'apperçoit, quand on est sur deux morceaux de bois jetés d'une roche

"Poor infatuated young man," exclaimed Father Roche; "if you were not so completely an object of contempt, you would surely be one of compassion.

We had reason to be thankful at obtaining these supplies, or we should otherwise have sunk down on the snow and perished; for even had we killed our poor dog, as he was nothing but skin and bones his body would not have long sustained us. For two whole days we feasted on tripe de roche, which, when boiled in our kettle, afforded us the only vegetable diet we had for a long time tasted.

It may be here observed that we proceeded in this manner throughout our route across the barren grounds. In the afternoon we got into a more hilly country where the ground was strewed with large stones. The surface of these was covered with lichens of the genus gyrophora which the Canadians term tripe de roche.