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Some little time afterwards I fell into the hands of two young Capuchins, who tried to convert me, but who, with the exception of this little impertinence, treated me capitally. They gave me pâtés de foie gras boiled in water, which I quickly recognized by the truffles swimming about in the grease.

When I reached Moasa, every one hastened to offer me their services for I travelled with the king's people, and in this part of the country a European woman is a rarity. They brought me wood, milk, and eggs. My table was always rather frugally furnished: at the best I had rice boiled in milk or some eggs, but generally only rice, with water and salt.

The most beautiful landscapes looked like boiled spinach, and the best people looked repulsive or seemed to stand on their heads with no bodies; their faces were so changed that they could not be recognised, and if anyone had a freckle you might be sure it would be spread over the nose and mouth. That was the best part of it, said the hobgoblin.

There was a large, substantial, cold boiled leg of mutton, at the bottom of the table, shaking like blancmange; a previously hearty sirloin of beef looked as if it had been suddenly seized with the palsy; and some tongues, which were placed on dishes rather too large for them, went through the most surprising evolutions; darting from side to side, and from end to end, like a fly in an inverted wine-glass.

His exaltation was no less: rather it was heightened, but it was no longer a dangerous delirium of the mind but a healthy intoxication of his whole being: body; and soul crazy in their strength. He rediscovered the world, as though he had never seen it. It was a new childhood. It was as though a magic word had been uttered. An "Open Sesame!" Nature flamed with gladness. The sun boiled.

In what narrow cell, lighted only by a high, iron-barred window for so the scene shaped itself in her mind with uncovered floor of stone, bare walls and a bench to lie on, was the man she loved wearing away his days under the burden of so frightful an accusation? For the thousandth time Juliet's blood boiled within her at the thought, and she grew hot with anger and indignant scorn.

"The man of superior intellect," said Tennyson justifying his love of boiled beef and new potatoes "knows what is good to eat"; and I would extend it to all civilized natives of our country. We are content with nothing but the finest savours, the truest combinations; our wealth, and happy natural circumstances, have allowed us an education of the palate of which our natural aptitude was worthy.

"I don't quite think you would ever guess, Colonel. Cherokee Strip." "My land!" "Sure as you live." "You can't mean it. Actually living out there?" "Well, yes, if a body may call it that; though it's a pretty strong term for 'dobies and jackass rabbits, boiled beans and slap-jacks, depression, withered hopes, poverty in all its varieties " "Louise out there?" "Yes, and the children."

But Nan had dropped her negligee about her feet, and was convulsed at the figure made of her slim young body by the distorted mirror. "Come here, Milt," she gasped. She clung to him, gurgling with laughter, pointing one shaking finger at the monstrosity in the glass. "Look look what you married!" They dressed gayly. His optimism and enthusiasm boiled over again.

The water of wells should be boiled and passed through charcoal; and even then it might be mixed to a good purpose with a few drops of proof spirit. The Somal generally carry their store in large wickerwork pails. I preferred skins, as more portable and less likely to taint the water. Here, as in Arabia, boxes should be avoided, the Bedouins always believe them to contain treasures.