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The man sat down; he was in pain. "How did this happen?" asked Peter, tearing a strip of cloth from the long loose shirt he wore. "I heard the little one crying and ran toward him," answered the man. "I must have stumbled on a sharp rock." Jesus was watching the man. "You are a faithful shepherd," he said. The shepherd looked up quickly and smiled. This man understood!

The boys had just thrown down their spade and rake, and had agreed to knock off, and they now ran across to the outside of the strip of sand, which had by this time narrowed very considerably. "She will get off easy enough as the tide rises," Joe said; "but they won't be able to back her off now." "No; she does not move in the least," Jack agreed. "Her screw is working hard astern now.

Port Said shows itself upon the southern horizon in two dark lines, like long piles or logs of wood lying upon the sea, one large and one small. These are the white town and the black town, apparently broken by an inlet of sea, and based upon a strip of yellow sand. The sea is most unwholesome and stagnant. The houses of Port Said looked like painted wooden toys.

They formed a pretty group, all clustered together near the silenced beehives, the two younger seated on the grass strip that bordered the flower-beds, their arms over each other's shoulders, the elder one standing behind them, with the moonlight shining soft on her auburn hair. Young Saunderson walked restlessly by himself to and fro the path of gravel.

"Drum 'em out of the castle, Ticklestern; strip their uniforms from their backs, and never let me hear of the scoundrels again." So saying, the old Prince angrily turned on his heel to breakfast, leaving the two young men to the fun and derision of their surrounding comrades.

Nasmyth had brought a few carefully-treasured wax matches with him, and he lighted one. It was very still, except for the roar of the hidden torrent, and the pale flame burned steadily in the motionless cold air. It showed a couple of hollows, where something had rested, close to the edge of the rift, and one or two fresh scratches on a strip of rock. Lisle stooped down beside them.

Throwing himself down among us, and using Sponsilier for a pillow and myself for footstool, he observed: "All you foremen who have been over the Chisholm Trail remember the stage-stand called Bull Foot, but possibly some of the boys haven't. Well, no matter, it's just about midway between Little Turkey Creek and Buffalo Springs on that trail, where it runs through the Cherokee Strip.

His real life had always lain in the universe of thought, in that enchanted region which, to those who have lingered there, comes to have so much more colour and substance than the painted curtain hanging before it. The Professor's particular veil of Maia was a narrow strip of homespun woven in a monotonous pattern; but he had only to lift it to step into an empire.

They strip themselves of clothes, they anoint their naked bodies with honey, spread a cloth on the ground, on which they scatter grain, roll about in it again and again, then collect carefully all the grains, which have stuck on their bodies, and grind them on the mill stone which they turn in a contrary direction.

They laughed, and all approached and handled it, interchanging their opinions upon its being the very finest one that any of them had ever seen. "Ah, now," said I, "that is just the thing, you are at once put at ease, then let us do it with ease; strip is the word, and let us have it luxuriously."