See!" he added, taking a tiny scrap of paper from his pocket-book and handing it to her. It was the same scrap of paper which, four days ago, the two young men had been in the act of reading, at the very moment when they were attacked by Chauvelin's minions. Marguerite took it mechanically and stooped to read it.

She saw a darker shade of red creep up into his cheeks. "My mother says she would send a doctor quick," he replied hesitatingly. "You will see. It is because your father he is not like other men in this country. Your father is a good man. That is why a doctor comes." Lorraine looked at him strangely and stooped again to her burden.

He stooped, and with the innate chivalry peculiar to the Hungarian peasantry, he kissed the small, cold hand which trembled in his grasp: he kissed it as a noble lord would kiss the hand of a princess. Then, without looking on her again, he walked quietly out of the house, and Elsa was alone with yet another bitter-sweet memory to add to her store of regrets. "It is true."

She would have got up, but he stooped so low over her that she could not move without first pushing him away. "It would say, Lena, that I the Swede after luring my friend and partner to his death from mere greed of money, have murdered these unoffending shipwrecked strangers from sheer funk.

Here were two narrow, iron bedsteads. Between them was barely room for the wheel chair when it rolled the little old man in to his night's rest. To right and left of the door, high up, several nails supported a few dusty garments. That was all. If Johnnie stooped in the doorway of this room, he could see every square foot of its floor, and every article in it.

Imagine a gentleman in mid-ocean wishing that he had brought some salt water with him for his chemical experiments. I was sitting on an immense warehouse of white chalk. The landscape was made entirely out of white chalk. White chalk was piled more miles until it met the sky. I stooped and broke a piece off the rock I sat on; it did not mark so well as the shop chalks do; but it gave the effect.

He stooped low, pressed the hem of her skirt to his lips, with a muttered command "Tell him I would not stay," and was gone suddenly from her, silent, without as much as a footfall in the dark night. She sat still, her head resting indolently against the wall, and her little feet in white stockings and black slippers crossed over each other.

"Hey, you give me that money!" burst out the miner hoarsely, holding out a threatening hand, and Bunker Hill rose to his full height. He was six feet two when he stooped. "W'y, sure," he said handing over the wallet; but as the miner turned to go Hill jabbed him in the ribs with a pistol. "Just a moment, my friend," he went on quietly, "I just want to tell you a few things.

Dear, dear mother!" continued he, a tear rolling down his cheek as he stooped to pick up the piece of muslin, "how much hast thou suffered when God of Heaven!" exclaimed Philip, as he lifted up the embroidery, starting back with violence, and overturning the table, "God of Heaven and of Judgment, there is there is," and Philip clasped his hands, and bowed his head in awe and anguish, as in a changed and fearful tone he muttered forth "the LETTER!"

She stooped; I felt her strong sinewy arms round me; she lifted me gently. 'I'll take care of you, she whispered and carried me downstairs to my room, as easily as if I had been a child. "I must rest, Teresa. The remembrance of that dreadful night brings it all back again. Don't be anxious about me, my old dear! You shall hear more to-morrow."