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Mainly they were young men like himself, two or three of them only betrayed by gray in beards and hair; brown, sinewy, lean-jawed men, no dissipation showing in their eyes. Lambert felt himself drawn to them by a sense of kinship.

The shoulder being sinewy, it will be of advantage to rub it well with sugar for two or three days; and when to be used, clear it perfectly from the sugar and the wine with a dry cloth. A mistake used to prevail, that venison could not be baked too much; but three or four hours in a slow oven will be sufficient to make it tender, and the flavour will be preserved.

All he does is to stain his eyebrows dark, put on the clothes, and cease to resemble anything on earth except a desert-born Arab. I don't know how long he was learning to make the transformation, but no man could learn the trick in twenty years unless he loved the desert and the sinewy men who live in it. He looked me over again narrowly, and then decided I must return upstairs and shave my head.

Then, very slowly, he knelt on the dead leaves, let go his pack, and, keeping his rifle in his right hand, stretched out his sinewy length above the pool on the edge of which he had halted. Twice, before drinking, he lifted his head to sweep the woods around him, his parched lips still dry. Then, with the abruptness not of man but of some wild thing he plunged his sweating face into the pool.

It was a brown, sinewy hand on his shoulder, a hand protruding from a well tailored gray sleeve and lilac striped cuff, that caught Hamdi Bey by the epauleted shoulder and sent him spinning about. Another hand was holding a revolver very directly at him. "Silence!" said Jack Ryder in his best Turkish and repeated it, with amplification, in English. "Not a sound or I'll blow your head off."

One man was collecting animals for a celebrated stage-route, and the gamester saw that he was a novice. "Do you choose that for a good horse?" spoke up Risque, in his practical way, when the man had set aside a fine, sinewy draught stallion. "I do!" said the man, shortly. "Then you have no eye. He has a bad strain. I can lift all his feet but this one. See! he kicks if I touch it.

They went a tremendous pace with occasional stoppages when a purl occurred. Presently a single savage appeared nearer the land and George could see his lithe, sinewy form and the grace and rapidity with which he urged his gossamer bark along. It was like a hawk half a dozen rapid strokes of his wings and then a smooth glide for ever so far.

Broadcloths, silks, satins, and gold-embroidered brocades, worthy of a queen's wardrobe, were hung in fantastic drapery around the sinewy forms and bronzed faces of the soldiery, who, the day before, had been clothed in rags.

One bare, sinewy arm held rigidly at right angles before his breast, he clutched a long curved knife and waited waited for the critical moment when my throat should be at his mercy!

Ill fashioned, at least, he is not in his thighs and sinewy legs and hands withal, and his stalwart neck and mighty strength: yea and he lacks not youth, but is crushed by many troubles. For I tell thee there is nought else worse than the sea to confound a man, how hardy soever he may be. And Euryalus in turn made answer, and said: 'Laodamas, verily thou hast spoken this word in season.

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