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And Mamma Cat found out that Fido was a very good friend, too. She grew to trust him so much she would even let him help wash the kittens' faces. All the dolls were tucked snugly in their little doll-beds for the night and the large house was very still.

"And the eyes are not unlike," I added, meaning well. "I'm sorry you think so," said Rosalind, evidently piqued. "Well, never mind," I tried to make peace, "she hasn't your hands," I knew that women cared more about their hands than their faces. "How do you know?" she retorted; "you cannot see through her gloves." "Would any gloves disguise your hands?" I persisted.

The only grave, anxious faces were among the magistrates; but the guilds and the children behind did not see them, so the rejoicings continued without interruption until the churches received the procession, and words so earnest and full of warning echoed from the pulpits, that many grew thoughtful.

Some of them think they did. They will not take our word for it that they did not. You are their living image; they know you could not lie to them, but they distrust our flattery and our cunning faces.

He did not heed the creature, but threw abroad his hands sunwards, and began to speak hurriedly in that tongue which I could not follow; and as his words went on the faces of his men grew haggard, and one of them wept openly.

Much less can he ascertain or remember the inter-relation of thousands of inherited qualities in the past history of a race in which individuals are at every moment dying and being born. Mr. H.G. Wells faces this fact in that extremely stimulating essay on 'Scepticism of the Instrument, which he has appended to his Modern Utopia.

After supper they pitched their little linen tents, smeared their faces with grease to keep away the insects, put some wood upon the fire, and retired to sleep, with little thought of the beauty of the fireflies. They slept to leeward of the fires, and as near to them as possible, so that the smoke might blow over them, and keep off the mosquitoes.

I am ashamed to have so much health and strength when I look at those slim forms, stooping backs, and pale faces. I pick my way through the crowd with the merciful timidity of a good-natured giant. I am afraid of jostling against a man, for fear the collision should kill him.

O my lord!" he cried, wildly, addressing the judge, "I doubt I disbelieve, my own evidence. There must be some mistake. I cannot be the murderer of the man who saved me of my Fanny's father!" The most anxious excitement prevailed through the court: every individual was moved, and, on the bench, faces were turned aside to conceal a tear. The judge endeavoured to restore order.

Praise be to Thee, O my God, inasmuch as Thou hast turned the faces of Thy servants towards the right-hand of the throne of Thy gifts, and hast caused them to be detached from all else besides Thee, that they may recognize Thy sovereignty and acknowledge Thy glory.