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The dog must not be admitted into a part of the gardens where a more refined and exclusive section of the company have hired seats, in order to contemplate, without sharing, the rude dances or jostling promenade of the promiscuous merry-makers. Much hubbub, much humour; some persons for the dog, some against him; privilege and decorum here, equality and fraternity there.

The crowd was coming down the street shouting, jostling, struggling, some on the footway, some in the roadway. Heads were at the doors and windows, looking down upon them. Nearer they came, and nearer; then at last they could see that the press surrounded and accompanied one man. It was Hiram White, hatless, coatless, the sweat running down his face in streams, but stolid and silent as ever.

M. de Guersaint meantime brought up the rear, screening the little conveyance so that it might not be upset by the jostling; whilst Marie turned her head, still endeavouring to see the sheet of flame spread out before the Grotto, that lake of little sparkling waves which never seemed to diminish, although the procession continued to flow from it without a pause.

It was after dark one evening in early October when Richard arrived in Casita. He was surprised to find that it was evidently a town of importance. There was a jostling, jabbering, sombreroed crowd of Mexicans around the railroad station. He felt as if he were in a foreign country. After a while he saw several men of his nationality, one of whom he engaged to carry his luggage to a hotel.

"What made me think of South Africa was that novel of Olive Schreiner's, you know 'The Story of an African Farm. Gregory Rose is so like you." "I never read 'The Story of an African Farm," said Hoopdriver. "I must. What's he like?" "You must read the book. But it's a wonderful place, with its mixture of races, and its brand-new civilisation jostling the old savagery. Were you near Khama?"

Here a naturalist trembled with anxiety for the fate of a coral; there a bird-fancier worked himself into a small frenzy at the jostling of big parrots. Bones, fossils, plants, bottled fish, bananas, oranges, and mangoes, were mingled in one promiscuous heap.

Though the earth has lain upon my breast a month, I am with you here to-night." A snort from old Luke's snarling lips, and a stir not a comfortable one in the jostling crowd, whose shaking arms and clawing hands I could see projecting here and there over the board. "'My presence at this feast a presence which, if unseen, cannot be unfelt, may bring you more pain than pleasure.

As much as possible in contrast with the Vedian atrium was the Satronian atrium, a hall decorated as gorgeously, floridly and opulently as any in Rome; fairly walled with statues almost jostling in their niches, so closely were the niches set; and all behind, between and above them ablaze with crimson and glittering with gilding; every inch of walls and ceiling carved, colored, gilded and glowing.

Einstein shook his head. But White asked, good-naturedly, "Are you sure?" "I think so," the doctor replied. "Well, that'll tide him over; the market is sure to go back next week." Sommers escaped from the heated room with its noise and jostling men. He realized vaguely that he had made himself responsible for a thousand dollars foolishly, he thought now.

Everybody of the middle rank who walks through this life with a sympathy for his companions on the same journey at any rate, every man who has been jostling in the world for some three or four lustres must make no end of melancholy reflections upon the fate of those victims whom Society, that is, Snobbishness, is immolating every day.

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