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There were no rustlings, or whisperings, or other little disturbances; each act was listened to in silence, and the applauding was done after the curtain was down. The doors opened at half past four, the play began promptly at half past five, and within two minutes afterward all who were coming were in their seats, and quiet reigned.

"You will stay, and do better than ever, for if you attempt to go, I shall bring you back." This was the invitation she wanted, and was satisfied with. "I must give up flowers," said Veronica, "of course." "I wonder if we shall keep pigs this fall?" said Fanny. "Must we sit in the free seats in the meeting-house? It will be fine for the boys to drop paper balls on our heads from the gallery.

He had about finished, when the carriage stopped punctually before the door of the officers' club. The commandant took cordial leave of his young guests, after which they were driven to the railway station. Just a little later they found themselves leaning back in parlor car seats, bound for Washington. Most of the way back the youngsters dozed in their chairs.

For what reason, my lords, can invention or imagination assign, why the troops, who had been for some time disciplined, were not rather sent to the assistance of Vernon than the new marines, except that some of them were commanded by men who had obtained seats in the other house, and who, by their settled adherence and avowed fidelity to the minister, had recommended themselves too powerfully to be rashly exposed in the service of their country to the bullets of the Spaniards.

As they walked sedately down the aisle of the chapel to the places reserved for them, Grace's eyes searched the rows of seats for her father and mother, whom she spied when almost opposite them.

As the ladies took their seats at the board, Edwin, who stood by the chair of his beloved lord, whispered: "Our Helen is not here."

"Then don't you ever be torturing yourself and your horse to be coming in here again," he said. "I'll show you a way to drive almost to the nest on the east trail, and then you can come around to my room and stay while the Bird Woman works. It's nearly always cool there, and there's comfortable seats, and water." "Oh! did you have drinking-water there?" she cried.

When we had resumed our seats in the coach, the advocate made some remark upon the impudence of barbers in general. "But we ought to decide first," said the lady, "whether or not it is slovenly to go bearded." "Of course it is," said the advocate. "Beard is nothing but a dirty excrescence." "You may think so," I answered, "but everybody does not share your opinion.

Round the stage in front were a number of seats occupied by listeners, many of whom were women, whose interest seemed to be very great, some of them being furnished with note-books; while a great unsettled crowd coming and going, drifted round, many, arrested for a time as they passed, proceeding on their way when the interest flagged, as is usual to such open-air assemblies.

I saw them everywhere behind the battle lines, on the driving seats of ambulances, at the doors of hospitals. They were very calm. Because I know a good deal about small boys I smothered a riotous impulse to hug them, and spoke to them as grown-up to grown-up. Thus approached, they met my advances with dignity, but without excitement.