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Sothern and Lee took all his trade years ago." "Yes, I know; that's why he needs me," said Duncan brazenly. In his soul he remarked "O Lord!" in a tone of awe; his colossal impudence dazed even himself. "But don't you think he could get back some of the trade if the store was stocked up?" "No doubt about that at all," Sperry averred; "he'd get the biggest part of it." "You think so?" "Sure of it.

Go where you will in the woods of Rupert's Land, the instant that you light a fire two or three whisky-johns come down and sit beside you, on a branch, it may be, or on the ground, and generally so near that you cannot but wonder at their recklessness. There is a species of impudence which seems to be specially attached to little birds. In them it reaches the highest pitch of perfection.

'Why, what did you come telling me the other night? cried Totty at length. 'It was like your impudence. 'What did I tell you? I didn't tell you anything. I asked if you knew of something, and you said you did. I don't see how I was impudent. After hearing Bower's tale it was likely I should come and speak to you about it. 'Bower's tale? What tale?

"Would ye lesson me, girl?" she cried, as much to cover her confusion as to vent her anger at the cause of it. "Ye've an odd daring, by God! Ye'll be well matched with his impudence, there." Rotherby, singularly self-contained, recalled her to the occasion. "Mr. Caryll is waiting," said he, a sneer in his voice.

He had slipped in back of Orde when that young man arose, whether under the impression that Orde was about to get off the car or from sheer impudence, it would be impossible to say. Orde stared at him, a little astonished. "I intended that seat for this lady," said Orde, touching him on the shoulder. The youth looked up coolly. "You don't come that!" said he.

The indecency, the cynical and naked impudence of it, took me like a buffet. There, in a group of strangers, my cheek reddened under it, and for the moment I had a mind to run. I had done better to run. By a chance his eye missed mine as he swaggered past at a canter, for all the world like a tenore robusto on horseback, with the rouge on his face, and his air of expansive Olympian black-guardism.

"Doesn't anybody know " "You know as much as all of us. Of course," he added banteringly, "there's no denying a woman, when she starts. He might tell you!" The speech startled her, and she blushed. "Now, that's sheer impudence!" she retorted. But he continued to look at her with a curious expression. How much had he guessed? In her confusion an impulse seized her.

'Mind you take good care of her, sir, said John, appealing from this insensible person to his son and heir, who now appeared, fully equipped and ready. 'Don't you ride hard. 'I should be puzzled to do that, I think, father, Joe replied, casting a disconsolate look at the animal. 'None of your impudence, sir, if you please, retorted old John. 'What would you ride, sir?

If we crush her individuality, she will come out just like thousands of others, all one pattern! Miss Adams is as fond of Carol now as any one of us. You understand that we could not let impudence or impertinence pass unreproved, but Carol is never guilty of that. She is always respectful and courteous. But she is spontaneous and quick-witted, and we are glad of it.

Katarina replied quietly and composedly, and Guy, as he watched her and Agnes talking together, was surprised at the way in which she adapted herself to circumstances. As a boy she assumed the character so perfectly that no one would suspect her of being aught else. She was a French gamin, with all the shrewdness, impudence, and self-confidence of the class.

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