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The chief cause of the Swedes' superiority in the field, was evidently to be ascribed to the unlimited power of their leader, who concentrated in himself the whole strength of his party; and, unfettered in his enterprises by any higher authority, was complete master of every favourable opportunity, could control all his means to the accomplishment of his ends, and was responsible to none but himself.

The latter is thy situation, for of the several foreign lords who seek thy hand the council see none to whom the favor may be extended without the apprehension of creating an influence here, in the centre of the canals, which ought not to be given to a stranger.

He, a man of fifty, of slow habits, with none of the buoyancy of youth left in him, apt to regard himself as older than his age, who had lived with his father and mother almost on an equality in regard to habits of life, the father of a large family, of which the eldest was now himself a man!

He had written to his father the day before; but the substance of his letter has been given in the narrative: 'September 21, 1871. 'My dear Mother, We have had a terrible loss, such a blow that we cannot at all realise it. Our Bishop is dead; killed by the natives at Nukapu yesterday. We got the body, and buried it this morning. He was alone on shore, and none of us saw it done.

If it were fear, then had he roused an emotion which might rebound upon himself in sharp reprisal. Death had been known to strike people standing where he stood; mysterious death of a species quite unrecognisable. What warranty had he that it would not strike him, and now? None. Yet it was Brotherson who moved first.

One man went so far as to take lodgings near the church, and had a carriage in readiness, in order to avail himself of any opportunity which offered to convey him away. But none of these attempts succeeded. This was in the month of March; as Easter drew on, more vigorous steps were taken by the Court.

And as to what hath become of my esquires, I know not; but as for that lady, methinks she can be none other than a certain enchantress, hight Vivien, who hath wrought such powerful spells upon Merlin as to have removed him from the eyes of all mankind." Unto all this Sir Percival listened in great wonder, and when the knight had ended his tale he said: "What is thy name?"

"Place a strong guard A guard of thirty picked men, with a relief of thirty over the place from whence the elephant was stolen, to keep strict watch there night and day, and allow none to approach except reporters without written authority from me." "Yes, sir."

"But there were none for me, Tom," sighed George. "Never mind, I shall soon " Now these letters brought joy and triumph to Robinson; one contained a free pardon, the other was a polite missive from the Colonial Government, in answer to the miners' petition he had sent up. "Secretary had the honor to inform Mr.

ARNOLD was a little surprised by the curt manner in which Geoffrey answered him. "Has Sir Patrick said any thing unpleasant?" he asked. "Sir Patrick has said just what I wanted him to say." "No difficulty about the marriage?" "None." "No fear of Blanche " "She won't ask you to go to Craig Fernie I'll answer for that!"