As for James, it seems at this date of the proceedings, with the sentence as good as pronounced he has no hope but in the King's mercy. May not his Majesty, then, be more pointedly addressed, the characters of these high officers sheltered from the public, and myself kept out of a position which I think spells ruin for me?"

Pani had been given her freedom, but remained with the new owners. She was a very useful woman, but subject to curious spells of longing for her olden friends. Sometimes she would disappear for days, spending the time among the Indian squaws outside the stockade. She was there one evening when this child was dropped in her lap by a young Indian woman.

Why I didn't, I don't know," and the girl turned a stony face to the window. "Why, it was hope and renewed courage, of course!" I replied quickly. "Everybody gets blue spells when one is down on one's luck." Eunice shook her head. "No, it wasn't hope. It was because I was afraid it was because I'm a coward. I'm too much of a coward to live, and I'm too much of a coward to die.

But Káús and his warriors, under the influence and spells of the Demons, were still blind, and he cautioned Rustem particularly to conceal Rakush from the sight of the sorcerers, for if the White Demon should hear of the slaughter of Arzang, and the conqueror being at Mázinderán, he would immediately assemble an overpowering army of Demons, and the consequences might be terrible.

Indeed, I venture to suggest that only the monotony of our forbears' lives explains the existence of those endless volumes of dreary allusions and pointless anecdote handed down to us as the Correspondence of Sir Somebody This, or of the beautiful Countess of That, or even of Blank, that prince of coffee-house wits. But the Wizard Past casts wonderful spells.

It's not natural for her to have crying spells like that one yesterday." "Nonsense! I'm not so sure you weren't a red-eyed bride." "My nervousness wasn't anything like hers. She'll make herself sick." "You mean you will." "Have you heard her moving about her room yet?" "No." "Shall I knock?" "No, Carrie; now let the child alone this morning." "I never knew her to stay in bed so long.

It was well known in Egypt and the Sudan at a very early period that if a magician obtained some portion of a person's body, e.g., a hair, a paring of a nail, a fragment of skin, or a portion of some efflux from the body, spells could be used upon them which would have the effect of causing grievous harm to that person.

"It is rather a come-down for a sailor, to go straight ahead like a wheelbarrow in all weathers with a steam-pot and a crew of coalheavers But then I shall not be parted from my sweetheart such long dreary spells as I have been thus twenty years, my dear love: so is it for me to complain?"

I am rather blue and discouraged just now, that's all." "I can't blame you much. But bein' discouraged don't do any good. Besides, it's always darkest just afore dawn, they say; anyhow, I've had that preached to me ever since I was a girl and I've tried to believe it through a good many cloudy spells.

This youth whom I would sweep from my path has crossed me, despite my spells: this thing of purple and broidery, of smiles and glances, soulless and mindless, with no charm but that of beauty accursed be it! this insect this Glaucus I tell thee, by Orcus and by Nemesis, he must die.