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A teacher of a country school was severely bastinadoed for teaching the Gospel to the villagers. A merchant, who had early embraced the truth, was cruelly beaten in the bishop's own room, and the people were commanded to spit in his face in the streets, merely because he visited the missionary.

We do not keep them; we do not particularly value their presence," said the general, again with a waggish smile, which had the effect only of making his face wry. "Good-by, my dear," he continued. "Don't be offended for advising you, for I do so only because I love you. Have nothing to do with the prisoners. You will never find innocent people among them. They are the most immoral set.

Because, so to say, I give him, to a certain extent, a definite status; for, by putting him in prison, I pacify him. I give him the chance of investigating his actual state of mind he will escape me, for he will reflect. In a word, he knows that he is a prisoner, and nothing more.

That occurred in January, 1861; and because our Government did not choose to accept it as the beginning of those hostilities which had been resolved upon by the Southern ultras, it does not follow that men are bound to shut their eyes to the truth.

"Because in France my work was only half done," Julian spoke gravely. "There was some one in London whom it was my duty to consult. Whatever happened it was necessary to risk a conference with ... that person. She runs the country with the adventurous lads who play at smuggling. She comes and goes at her will and not a soul is disquieted about her."

"Boo, hoo, hoo!" cried Ann, unable to speak on account of the torrents of wo that overwhelmed her. "Don't cry, little girl, and tell me what the matter is," continued the kind lady. "Boo, hoo, hoo! I fell down and broke all my candy," sobbed Ann. "Poor child!" exclaimed the sympathizing lady. "My father'll beat me because I didn't sell it," added Ann. "He is a cruel man.

There were some passengers on shore whose chests were broken open, because they did not attend to them, and the inspectors would not wait.

This is of especial importance to Ibn Daud because upon it he bases a new proof of the existence of God, not heretofore found in the works of any of his predecessors.

At the same time, I don't doubt, from what was rumoured about the amount of the treasure that she's to ship, that her skipper'll do everything his wit 'll teach him to keep out of the road of our cruisers and privateers. That, however, ain't very valuable information to give you, because you'll have guessed as much as that yourself.

No lady should ever allow her escort to enter with her any saloon devoted exclusively to the use of ladies. Because he may be her own husband, son, father, or brother does not excuse her, as he cannot stand in such relation to others present. If a lady in a car or stage finds the exertion of talking tiresome or painful, she may say so frankly, and no gentleman must take offence.

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