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He'd walk with the child to the woods sometimes and teach him the ways of birds and beasts, and show him how to catch 'em; for Ted was a rare sportsman and deeply skilled in all the branches of it.

So, Midge, you must be a good girl, and not teach Delight all sorts of mischief." "Oh, yes, Mother, I'll be so good you won't know me. Can I start to-day?" "Yes, if you're sure you want to." "Want to? I just guess I do!" and Midget danced upstairs to dress for "school." The plan worked admirably.

PRINCESS Elizabeth may yet one day be queen, provided she has not exchanged her name for one less glorious and noble." "John Heywood," said she, with a bewitching smile, "I have told you I love him." "Well, love him as much as you please, but do it in silence, and tell him not of it; but teach your love resignation." "John, he knows it already."

Off went the train, across a small gorse common, through a gate. 'That's another down, said his whip. 'Sound good wood it is, not made to fall. Her ladyship's at it hard to-day. She 'll teach Mr. Addicote a thing or two about things females can do. That is, when they stand for their rights. He explained to Weyburn that Mr.

"But, sir, you must be aware," said the civil lieutenant, "and if you are not, the manual you hold in your hand will teach you, that the gift of tongues is one of the unfailing symptoms of true possession, and the power to tell what is happening at a distance another."

"When you are editor, Laura, will you try to like me still? And will you keep on forgiving me and helping helping me to deserve to have friends? And will you will you teach me how to make Harriet like me too?" "Oh, Lucine!" Laura flung her warm arms around the bowed neck. "I know what we shall do next year, if I can come back. The idea has just struck me.

In fact, they were so much more modern and adorned than the little cottage in the Mission where he lived with his mother that he longed for the immediate installation of a system that would teach these workers what real work was. What enraged him further was their "airs."

And if you are longing for something greater than your present possession, you are indeed longing for this universal, pan-human Empire of Christ. Otherwise you would be sticking either at a stagnancy or at something impossible. Both would be unwise: nature tolerates no stagnancy and punishes experiments with the impossible. But who am I to teach you?

"But why do they continue to teach such confusion?" "Well, Sir, if they know, they never tell. In some manner this misuse of the name was begun, and every year doubles the difficulty of stopping it." "Like the man that was too lazy to stop work when he had once begun," remarked Mr. Thornton.

He again reached out his hand, and said, gently, "Miss Suwanee, Heaven keep you and yours from all harm." "Don't talk to me that way," she said, brusquely. "After all, we are enemies, you know." "If you can so bless your enemies, what must be the experience of your friends, one of whom I intend to be?" "Roberta must read to you, in order to teach you that the South cannot be taken by storm."