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It's pretty beastly, you know, to feel that half the world stretches between you and someone you might at any moment develop a pressing desire to see." Olga frowned at him. "What are you driving at, Nick?" "I'm only indicating the obvious," said Nick. "No, you're not, dear. You're hinting things." "In that case," said Nick, "you are at liberty to treat me with the contempt I deserve. Look here!

Proceed anon. Well sayest thou, that mine is the most plotting heart in the world. Thou dost me honour; and I thank thee heartily. Thou art no bad judge. How like Boileau's parson I strut behind my double chin! Am I not obliged to deserve thy compliment? And wouldst thou have me repent of a murder before I have committed it? 'The Virtues and Graces are this Lady's handmaids.

To this the archbishop replied that the attorney-general did not deserve punishment, because the petition had been presented by his own order and mandate.

Moreover," she continued with tragical solemnity, "I did not summon you to have with you a conversation as sad as it is useless, but to tell you my resolution.... I hope that you will not oblige me to resort for its execution to the means which the law puts in my power?" "I don't deserve to be spoken to thus," said Boleslas, haughtily.

"At present we are only recruits. So I ask, in justice to the regiment, that you will not demand too much of us in the beginning. We desire to learn; we desire most earnestly to deserve your confidence. I can only say that we will try to prove ourselves not unworthy guardians of these flags you have given us." He bowed, turned to go, swung around sharply and looked at his wife.

"He's been drunk every night since she died." "Then he's the worse for losing her?" "He may well be. Crying like a hypocrite, too, over his own work!" "A fool he must be. A hypocrite, perhaps not. A hypocrite is a terrible name to give. Perhaps her death will do him good." "He doesn't deserve to be done any good to. I would have made this coffin for him with a world of pleasure."

In twenty-four hours it will be in everybody's mouth, and the worst that can be said of it will seem too good! And yet they will all be wrong, and I shall not deserve their condemnation." Count de Volaski waved his hand, and hurried from the room and the house, for he had many hasty preparations to make for the sudden journey.

But you see how it is; there are a lot of tinkers and tailors aboard there; they are not seamen, and do not deserve the luck of being sent to sea in such a fine vessel; it is evident that, though they may possibly know how to sail her, they cannot fight her.

I attribute the better character of our public officials almost entirely to the votes of the women." "Those are inspiring facts," I conceded, "but let us be just. There are three men in Wyoming to every woman, and no candidate for office could be elected unless the men voted for him, too. Why, then, don't they deserve as much credit for his election as the women?"

The German nation by the mere fact of its growth challenges England for the primacy. It could not be otherwise. But the challenge is no wrong done to England, and the idea that it ought to be resented is unworthy of British traditions. It must be cheerfully accepted. If the Germans are better men than we are they deserve to take our place.