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Garrison began his work as a disciple of Lundy, whom he followed in the condemnation of the African colonization scheme, though he went farther and rejected every form of colonization. Garrison likewise repudiated every plan for gradual emancipation and proclaimed the duty of immediate and unconditional liberation of the slaves.

So are afflictions, if they humble us and quicken us in the way of duty; but if their effect is different they increase our guilt, and will increase our condemnation.

And many will go out of the way after their fatal errors; by means of whom the way of truth will be injuriously reviled. And with plausible speeches will they avariciously make gain of you whose condemnation from of old lingereth not, and their perdition doth not slumber.

If this reasoning be correct and with all due submission to his lordship I think it is sustained by the plainest principles of the international code it follows that the condemnation of a prize in a prize court is not the only mode of changing the character of a captured ship.

Amongst the trials of our time, I scarcely recognize any more painful than that of these conflicting feelings, these perplexities between esteem and censure, condemnation and sympathy, which I have so often been compelled to bestow on the acts of so many of my contemporaries.

The point is, that, by the vigorous use of our tongues and pens in condemnation of an admitted evil, we have drawn forth a vigorous attempt to get the better of it." "But you don't expect to do away with war altogether?" said Nicholas. "Certainly not; I am not mad, I am only hopeful.

This is simply an authority to proclaim salvation or condemnation to those who receive or reject the Saviour. All that man can do, as to binding or loosening, is to warn the hardened and to invite the contrite. By these trials, the promises, became more clear and invaluable than ever.

Dr. Gore himself would probably have been refused ordination fifty years ago on the ground of his lax views on inspiration; and the Bishops who approved of the condemnation of Colenso, who condemned 'Essays and Reviews, and who would have condemned 'Lux Mundi, were more 'honest' to the tests than their successors.

For as men have but a notion of the one, that is, their condemnation, because of sins against the law: so they have but a notion of the condemning, killing, and destroying power of the law. For, as the one is, so in these things always is the other. There is no man that doth really believe the law or gospel, further than they do feel the power and authority of them in their hearts.

The past year has furnished no evidence of an approaching termination of the ruinous conflict which has been raging for seven years in the neighboring island of Cuba. The same disregard of the laws of civilized warfare and of the just demands of humanity which has heretofore called forth expressions of condemnation from the nations of Christendom has continued to blacken the sad scene.

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