The reader familiar with the life of Napoleon will recall that all of his historians quote his frequent allusion to the Code Napoleon as the one great work which would be a living monument of his career, when the glory of all his other achievements would be dimmed by time or forgotten.

They had the self-poise and self-confidence of men who day by day and month by month hold their lives in their hands, and are practised in finding a way out of danger and difficulty. They had a code of good manners and polite behavior which was not highly refined, but contained the sound, essential elements of courtesy; not expressed in fancy, but honest and solid.

The Assembly declared on hearing of Louis' flight, that the government of the country was unaffected and that the executive power remained in the hands of the ministers. After voting a levy of three hundred thousand National Guards to meet the threatened invasion, they passed calmly to the discussion of the new Penal Code. The king returned to Paris through an immense and silent multitude.

I would like to give it; but if you won't have that, you can borrow it on a long-time loan without interest or security. Now I will go out and you can talk it over freely." With a companion she walked up the aisle and to the door, but before she reached it Code Schofield was standing on a chair, his hat in his hand. "Three cheers for Mrs.

But when we come to mark the methods by which Moses obtained acceptance of his code by his contemporaries, and, above all, sought to constrain obedience to himself and to it, we find the prospect unalluring.

This was the first of the "Factory Acts," for, although its application was so restricted, applying only to cotton factories, and for the most part only to bound children, the subsequent steps in the formation of the great code of factory legislation were for a long while simply a development of the same principle, that factory labor involved conditions which it was desirable for government to regulate.

One code prevails in the family; another, on the street; a third, in the workshop or store; a fourth, in the religious association. As a person passes from one of the environments to another, he is subjected to antagonistic pulls, and is in danger of being split into a being having different standards of judgment and emotion for different occasions.

Why would he always go back to that? "He said that the May Schofield should have been able to live out that gale easily if she had been handled right, old as she was. She was pretty old, wasn't she?" "Fifty years. She was twenty when dad got her he sailed her twenty-eight and I had her for two." "You got a good deal of insurance out of her, didn't you, Code?"

When I entered the university, I borrowed forty dollars from him, without interest, without security, without buying a drink. And yet and here is the point, the custom, and the code in the days of my prosperity, after the lapse of years, I have gone out of my way by many a long block to spend across Johnny Heinhold's bar deferred interest on the various loans.

"Only twenty men out of our hundred million could read that! Code of our most exclusive circle. The silly wretch has been raiding country banks in the middle west and carried his playfulness too far. He's in jail now but not at all worried merely bored.