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For a time the man and girl in the room below sat silent, and all was quiet in the shanty save the voice of Andy Bishop giving forth a thanksgiving such as he had never expressed before. Two weeks later a light filtered through the closed shutters of Young's residence on the hill. The old Graves house creaked in the blustery March gale.

There she is before you," and Dicky waved his hand grandiloquently. "Lillian Gale!" I almost gasped the name. "The same," rejoined Dicky, and turned again to his program, while I sat in amazed horror, with all my oldtime theories crumbling around me. For I had read of Lillian Gale and her married troubles.

Eve laughed, and her sweet tones were infectious amid the dull howling of the gale, which was constantly heard in the cabins, like a bass accompaniment, or the distant roar of a cataract among the singing of birds. "Certainly, captain," she answered; "Mr. Vattel was not only a cook, but perhaps the most celebrated on record, for sentiment at least, if not for skill."

In the far corner upheld by comrades another wounded Mexican cried out in pain. These two had attempted to draw weapons upon Gale, and Ladd had crippled them. In the center of the room lay Radford Chase, a limp, torn, hulking, bloody figure. He was not seriously injured. But he was helpless, a miserable beaten wretch, who knew his condition and felt the eyes upon him.

Belding's old herder!... The Indian points this way then down. He's showing Rojas the lay of the trail." "Boys, Yaqui's in range of that bunch," said Jim, swiftly. "He's raisin' his rifle slow Lord, how slow he is!... He's covered some one. Which one I can't say. But I think he'll pick Rojas." "The Yaqui can shoot. He'll pick Rojas," added Gale, grimly.

This is the third gale from the south since our arrival here. Any one of these would have rendered the Bay impossible for a ship, and therefore it is extraordinary that we should have entirely escaped such a blow when the Discovery was in it in 1902. The effects of this gale are evident and show that it is a most unusual occurrence.

A very striking, and rather unfortunate instance of this false style of judgment occurred not many days afterwards in reference to some Kafir princes and chiefs: it was on the occasion of my quitting Port Elizabeth for Capetown. We were to have started on a Saturday afternoon, but a gale said "no," and we left on Sunday morning.

October, having been borne in on the wings of a gale, was storming on through wind and wet, and the game of canvassing, that had seemed, on that sunny day when he had written to Christian, so "frightfully interesting," was beginning to pall.

This last remark had reference to a distinct tremor in the building, caused by the falling of a great wave upon it. "Does it often get raps like that?" enquired Ruby, with a look of surprise. "Not often," said Dove, "once or twice durin' a gale, mayhap, when a bigger one than usual chances to fall on us at the right angle.

They will go with the shift of wind." But the shift of wind came not for days and days, and there they lay, never putting out from shelter. And they are out of my story, so that I will say what befell them. One night it freshened up to a gale, and in the morning there were five ships where six had been. One had sunk at her moorings.